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The MediaFace Advantage

It's time to lead the pack by putting video on your website now.


Why Video

Video conveys emotion better than text, images or audio.


Ways To Use Video:

Let your imagination go!


How about a short 15 second greeting on your homepage.


Explain FAQ in a video.


Have your own news report or show to air on your website or intranet site.


Show your shareholders and customers behind the scenes.


Keep your employees informed of major decisions, or new products by video.


We can also prepare a DVD version so you can use it as part of a presentation or at trade fairs.


Survey Says:

A survey by Pew Internet and American Life, found the majority of online users are watching video online.


Next year more than half of the U.S. population (155.5 Million) will be watching it- eMarketer forecasts.


Professional Wins

The Pew survey also finds, viewers prefer professionally produced content to amateur videos.


Who Should Use Online Video?

Anyone who has a website. So authors, electricians, real estate agents, private educators, financial planners- you!


Do I have to totally change my website?

No, in many cases all you (or your webmaster) will do is insert some simple code where you want video to play on your website. MediaFace can help.





*The Pew Survey is from July, 2007. The information from eMarketer is also from July, 2007.

Let your business come to life online. You have words and pictures on your website, but video brings you and your company to life. There is a human behind it all. MediaFace Productions offers you the opportunity to build a relationship with your current and potential customers. You'll be in their homes, offices and wherever else we're taking our laptops today. When people see the person behind the service or product, they feel more connected. People want to feel that connection. That link, if handled with care, can be a powerful marketing too l.

Video has a "take you there quality." With video, you'll add more life and personality to your website and make a stronger connection. They've found your website, now it is time to engage your audience.



The white background is just one option..

The crisp "infinity set" puts the focus entirely on you. There are no other distractions. But we do offer a choice of backgrounds. We also shoot on location.


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