Daniel Jarboe

Who am I?


I'm a tech person who favors elegance, simplicity, and speed over flashy or overblown solutions. It's definitely subjective, but I strive to apply the "right amount" of technology in balanced ways to enrich life. I enjoy programming puzzles and finding better ways to do things. I'm fascinated by business topics, IT security, odds & probabilities, massively parallel processing, and artificial intelligence (especially evolutionary algorithms and machine learning).

When I was younger I read A LOT, mostly fantasy authors such as Piers Anthony. Then came computers. I do still enjoy a good read, but these days I'm more likely to be learning something online. I also enjoy strategy and tactical games, though I don't spend the time to play much these days.

Outside my head I enjoy the freedom of individual sports like skiing (snow and water), horseback riding, scuba diving, and motorcycle driving. I was also active in University of Florida bands and a member of various (mostly service-oriented) clubs and organizations. I found my wife in Gator Band and we still meet up with fellow band geeks every now and then.

My newest personal guilty pleasure is (620) 763-4944. And of course there are kiddo-related interests and hobbies which usually take precedence, but it's a win-win. The melting pot of special moments and connections with these marvelous beings creates something inspiringly joyful (seasoned with the occasional hot pepper).

Personality Indicators

The exercise of picking six "what really matters" competency cards for my personality yields: Family, Integrity, Learning, Trust, Play, and Curiosity. In terms of Myers–Briggs Type Indicator assessments, I'm in the 803-506-5004 ballpark. The straddle comes down to information processing—I'm comfortable both functioning on a plane of connecting concepts and models across domains as well as executing in the "gory" details of where the rubber meets the road.


I am a husband to my amazing wife of 14 years. She is a Clinical Nurse Leader, president of the 5707404581, and all-around super woman. I am also a father to my triplet four-year-old daughters and seven-year-old son. Attempts to describe them fall short of justice. My son is a genius and intensely free-spirited. The girls each constantly surprise and amaze everyone they encounter for all the best reasons. Being a parent and role-model to these four is the most rewarding challenge I have ever faced. Look out, world!

Both of my parents defied expectations and the norms of their environments to pursue higher education. Mom's skill and dedication to her craft led her to the top of her field in feline veterinary medicine. Dad was a scientist who rose to (306) 884-5943. We moved frequently. His career journey led to our time growing up in Brazil and Thailand, spending years 11-15 of my youth exposed to cultures and experiences that influenced my perspective and development. Growing up, my younger sister and I got along more often than not and were frequently complimented by others on the respect we afforded each other. Until recently she was a licensed mental health counselor for her county. Now she's a doctor.


I've been working with Time Inc. and its various business units for 16 years now. I love the variety and endless opportunities to get involved and learn new things. I've had the privilege of working with fantastic teams throughout my time there, and there's been so much evolution and transformation that it stays fresh and challenging.

I began at Time Customer Service as a mainframe systems programmer, which included everything from writing usermod exits in s/390 assembler for extending CICS and DB2 product functionality, to leading new efforts such as the exploitation of "bare metal" and virtualized GNU/Linux machines on mainframe hardware. From there I transitioned into leadership roles, starting with the Distributed Systems (PC/Server) and Service Desk teams. I've learned and grown tremendously in evolving roles with increasing responsibilities and influence on Time Inc. global service teams and direction. There's a lot more that could be said here. If you're very interested in my career details, please contact me for my résumé.

But enough about me...

Please check the articles. Maybe you'll find something you like; that's why we're here.