Many schools are closed today because of the storm.

Why not just ask them to leave?

Johann says that he's dissatisfied with his body.

I hope he'll be able to come! I'd like to see him.

None shall survive.

Where did that ship come from?

Go for it.

The plan backfired.

Let me speak to her.

You aren't in any danger.

We had a picnic in the backyard.

I like a GP01Fb better than a GP02.

I'll wait with you.

Come on, shake hands, boys!

Noam warned me about you.

Do you go by train or by car?

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Ann doesn't always wear a tie to work.

The Internet is not your personal army.

Nobody goes in there.


Sehyo has something on his face.

It's not yet working.

Please mail this letter for me at once.

The marathon runners were out of breath.

They only wrote idle chatter about her in the newspaper.

I have several Canadian friends.

I spoke loudly so that everyone could hear me.

Are they worth it?

I gave him some money.


He is proud of having been educated in the United States.

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What do you want to be when you leave school?


The road that leads to the hotel is narrow.

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Rolf has an hourglass figure.

Bring me my glasses.

I opened the windows to remove the damp from the room.

There's nothing that would please me more.

Even though I don't wear those shoes anymore, I can't bring myself to get rid of them.


I thanked Suwandi for the time he put in.


Could you call a doctor?

Gypsy could be involved.

One of Neptune's moons, Triton, orbits the planet in a direction opposite to Neptune's other moons.

I'll take him some food.

Shutoku maintained his innocence.

His tone became more and more fervent.

Sal insisted on watching a scary movie.

He took care of his mother after his father's death.

My roommate is 20 years old, and didn't know what a clitoris was until a few weeks ago. He thinks that his lack of knowledge is self-explanatory because he is gay, but I don't buy it. I think it just goes to show how shitty the public education system is here.


When did Mr. Suzuki leave Japan?


This movie is incredibly stupid.


Mikey did his duty.


A lost dog strayed into our neighborhood yesterday.

Have you taken a course on Coursera yet?

After much effort, he ended up with a contract.

What's the minimum salary in Latvia?

They can understand everything I'm saying.

I wonder if Roxanne has already thought of that.

If you don't want to talk, you don't have to.

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You haven't been a teacher very long, have you?

I'll let you know if anything comes up.

I've never been so embarrassed in all my life.

My guess was right.

Don't you want to talk to Thierry about it?


You are welcome, Jack!

We must keep the customers satisfied.

Mongo can't speak French. Sergio can't speak Spanish either.

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I think it is needless to talk about it.

I believe it is a genuine Picasso.

Jim was born in the same year as he.

He is busy with the final draft.

Parents teach their children that it's wrong to lie.

Would you like to go to Boston with me?

Tell her that I am treating a patient.


There shouldn't be any problem.

I've been writing letters all morning. I've written ten and still haven't finished.

I got married at 30 and, at the same time, I started getting infertility treatment.


We want to negotiate.


I asked my mother to wake me up at four.

He didn't come on time.

Clever programming requires a computer.

I'm not doing well.

I didn't want to spend any more time looking for my keys.

A breakdown in the negotiations will mean war.

'Technical difficulties' is never a good-enough excuse for failures to deliver.

I don't know if you found one.

That's no problem.

Indra doesn't care who does the job as long as the job gets done.

You're freaking me out.

No one saw him take it.

I like eating melons from Hami.


It was all an illusion?


Phil is on our side.

There is yogurt in the fridge.

I did not actually need to rest at all, but nor did I wish to continue my travels right away, for I had become enthralled by great curiosity.

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I wasn't confident at all.


She wanted to be famous.

We may still get lucky.

Would you like some tea?


This is a variety of violet.


How much longer will you stay in Boston?

It would be to your advantage to prepare questions in advance.

It's not good to think hard when you're sick.


I'm getting too old for this sort of thing.


Everyone's been talking about it.

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Gale is still too young to take over.

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I apologize for Ruth.

I wonder what caused that.

All the children sat up and behaved themselves at the party.

Griff pulled out his iPhone.

Lana isn't my boyfriend anymore.


Go back outside.


Dalton and Warren went spelunking.

Guillermo left the building.

I got acquainted with him last year.

I'd hoped to see him in Boston.

Choose what is right, not what is easy.

Jeffrey waited for Mitch outside.

The baby's age is now two years.

You can take care of things like a secretary.

I'm sitting here in my car.

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Do you know how to drive?

I major in economics.

I'll be thirty in a couple of weeks.

The meter of this poem alternates between seven and five morae per line.

There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval.


His house stands by the river.

She always boasts of being a good swimmer.

How could they be wrong?

Audrey says he didn't see anybody.

Arne pocketed the money.

Can these books really be of any use to young people?

We advanced the date of the meeting.

I'll ask Les tomorrow.

The old man drew a large crowd around him by his music.

He took a taxi to get there in time.

Phil told Linley that it would probably snow all day.

A lost dog strayed into our neighborhood yesterday.

I just happened to be there at the same time as Werner.

The hostages reunited with their families.

Edith has been sitting on the riverbank for hours.

We have a long day ahead of us.

Weather changes often.

Zimbabwe was once a colony of Britain.

Tell him to get a life.

Some people believe in the trio of science, religion, and magic.

I saw a child called Tonio Evans.

Diane wore her favorite necklace.

I ended up winning.

In my opinion, it's time that he called me.

Ranjit is already here.

After it was all over, Deb lived quietly in a small apartment overlooking the Mediterranean.

Rajesh has a 3-year-old brother.

There isn't much milk left in the bottle.

I wish it wasn't so hot.

I expected better of you.

Delighted to meet you.


It all happened very quickly.

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Nobody is his own enemy.

OK, my dear, good night!

Did Karen ask you to do it?

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1. Finely chop the chicken breast meat.

I'm looking into getting one.

I have a friend in Boston.


That reminds us of something.

I just saw him.

I want you to call her.