Spencer would've been proud.

I don't speak Esperanto well.


Natural teak forests occur in only four countries: India, Laos, Burma and Thailand.


Quit fooling around.

This is the next one!

Gene should be in his office.

There is no telling exactly when the earth was born.

This is wild.

Gee whiz!

I'm afraid of not succeeding with this deal.

If you have an umbrella, let me join you under it.

I just needed a little encouragement.


Could you please go?


I sincerely doubt that.

It's all the same to me whether you go or stay.

I estimate that we'll need two days to finish the work.

Why did you fire him?

The senators were praising my act.

This is a picture of my own painting.

Could you please wait until I'm finished?

The manager messed up all the company's business.

The rules must be few, and what is more important, simple.

Don't you have any skills?

Fear is the absence of trust.


I am married and have two children.

In an unusual move, this school's big band uses slide trumpets and valve trombones exclusively.

Jorge put his wallet under the car seat.


The furniture in his office is very modern.

Two men came up to me.

Didn't you see the musical?


"I wonder what this is", asked Tony.


You have a really nice place.

We need to leave at once.

Dani ended up winning the race.


It goes without saying that it was supremely difficult to carry out this mission.

You can change your social condition through hard work.

In other words, education is the instruction of the intellect in the laws of Nature.

Because my old ladder is broken.

This blouse buttons at the back.

I guess that's not what Stacey wanted.

Is there enough food to go around?

Shirley did well today.

Casey is very self-conscious.

I wanted to see the elephant first, but Philip wanted to see the monkeys.

Her long hair was chestnut brown.


You cannot tame a wolf.


You can't just leave us.

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I never have trouble sleeping.

Will you entertain the guests while I get dressed?

Could you help me when I move?

What more do you require?

I don't like this teacher; he always ignores my questions.

I can't believe you chickened out.

Most people won't pick up hitchhikers.

They stayed at home because it was very cold.

Mike is at home. His house is very comfortable.


The cold wind cut me to the bone.

She's not like Sassan!

Winter is just beginning.

She is like a mother to me.

He is not such a man as to flinch from danger.

I haven't spoken French in a long time.

There isn't enough time to do that.


What are our chances?

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Is there someone with you?


Let's get a bottle of whiskey.

He doesn't run.

You should pay attention.


There's someone hiding in the closet.

He did not attend the meeting for that reason.

Jim, don't run about in the room.

I'll send word to Earl.

What it all boils down to is that we are in the same boat.

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Can I borrow your laptop?

The poor child was born deaf and dumb.

We are alone in believing that she is a beautiful woman.

Chess and checkers are favorites with them.

Look how happy you made Lukas.

Two of the soldiers were killed and the rest were captured.

Rafik is sorry.


I have a strained back.

I can't check to see if your email is correct or not because it's too short.

This car is bigger than that one.

Do you want to buy a duck?

She probably didn't have sex with him.


I tried to cheer him up.

Donnie patted me on the shoulder.

They will sail for Bombay next Monday.

Everything is perfect because you exist.

They have a fabulous view of the creek.


I think what Takao did was stupid.


Quit screwing around.

Why is it my fault?

I'm French.

I think I'm pretty lucky.

I sort of had a crush on you.

When I arrived there, I found him.

She didn't keep her word.


Ricardo is jealous, isn't he?

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I've got eyes.


I've developed a bit of a gut lately, so I've decided that, starting tomorrow, I'm going to go to the gym.

As was my habit, I was walking on the beach after the rain.

The text isn't divided too well.

How could you not tell me about this?

Seldom does a loan come home laughing.


I wonder how long this cold weather will last.

I jog before breakfast every morning.

He gave up hope.

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We've already been through this.


I am trying to ask my questions in French.

Alf always seems to be complaining.

Johnathan is the one who persuaded Jayesh to help.


She gave way to the temptation to buy the jewel.

She believes whatever he says.

She was surprised that it was that late.

How about you shut your big mouth?

She accepted his hand in marriage.

I've gotten used to going to bed early.

Don't make me laugh!

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You'll love this.


Lex got tired of working with Ssi and quit.

I need to send some letters.

The girl who lives next door is very pretty.

I spilled jam on the electric outlet and there was a short circuit.

Hit me.

This is the first time I've called Manny.

Alison is gross.


I returned the knife that I borrowed.

He likes listening to the radio.

It was a very exciting game.

On Earth, policymakers decried the "all-in-one-basket" doctrine of the Earth Is Our Home Society.

Where did you work before you came here?

The army advanced up the hill.

They tried to handcuff her.

I appreciate the gesture, but it's not enough.

The statue was built in France.

You can use English at most hotels anywhere in the world.

Dad's always encouraging him.

He seemed to conceal the fact.

I've taught myself to play the guitar.

One swallow does not a summer make.

Later, we'll visit the aquatic park.


I thoroughly enjoyed that book.


I don't know whether you like her or not.

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We had to wait a little while for a bus.

You looked like you were afraid.

Don't come into my room.

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This is really nothing new.


Because I admired his courage, I trusted him.

I can't think out the design any more.

Tiefenthal cracked up.

I guess I'll do what Keith asked me to do.

You don't have a clue.

Curtis, I want you to stay with the kids.

No money was taken.

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You should feel bad for her.

I've got to give Hubert something.

We did our best to help him, but he didn't so much as say thank you.

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Barely an hour passes that I don't think about you with love.

I'm not Hungarian.

I'm willing to give you everything I've got.