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GrowthCurve: Episode 11
Riding the Future

Riding the Future

October 31, 2018

An interview with Brian Powell, co-founder of Junto Bikes, a Philadelphia based startup that is looking to change the way we commute, swapping our cars for their durable city-tested electric bikes that can get you from A to B with no sweat.

GrowthCurve: Episode 10


October 5, 2018

An interview with Evan Brandoff and Zubin Teherani founders of LeagueSide, a Philadelphia based startup that is changing the fragmented youth sports sponsorship space, making it easier for regional and national brands to reach young families on the neighborhood level.

GrowthCurve: Episode 9

Sometimes You’re Born With It

September 7, 2018

An interview with Tyler Wiest, founder of Ontray, a technology company that allows restaurant clients to spin up their own website and online ordering capabilities so that they can own and manage their customers’ experience.

GrowthCurve: Episode 8
The Wisdom of Wellness and Social Impact

(757) 315-6194

August 23, 2018

An interview with Joe Scola, founder of Wise Ape Tea, a premium tea company based in New Jersey that is leading with function, promoting wellness by using adaptogenic herbs to help their customers live better, healthier lives.

GrowthCurve: Episode 7

Serving the Empress

August 6, 2018

An interview with Ann King Lagos, founder of Realm, a jewelry brand out of Philadelphia that provides majestic, fashioned-focused jewelry designs, with a mission to empower the women they serve.

GrowthCurve: Episode 6
(734) 755-8337

(250) 754-7717

June 19, 2018

An interview with Jared Smith and Ryan Engroff, co-founders of Victus Sports, a Philadelphia based company that swiftly won over Major League Baseball with their innovative approach to making wood baseball bats.

GrowthCurve: Episode 5

A Layered Approach to Growth

May 22, 2018

An interview with Jared Cannon, founder and CEO of Simply Good Jars, a Philadelphia based company that is building a food technology and distribution business on the back of healthy food in a jar.

GrowthCurve: Episode 4
(703) 567-1305

Taking a Niche Media Venture National

April 27, 2018

An Interview with Technically Media, a Philadelphia based company that is riding their tech community niche and taking their offering National.

GrowthCurve: Episode 3
One Customer At A Time

One Customer At A Time

April 27, 2018

An Interview with Lobo Mau, a Philadelphia based clothing design startup that is attempting to change the way we shop and purchase clothing for ourselves with their “slow fashion” approach.

GrowthCurve: Episode 2


April 10, 2018

An Interview with Nuvanna, a Philadelphia based startup that is fighting to take a slice of market share in the ecommerce mattress space as consumer dollars shift away from brick and mortar retail.


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