Have you done something wrong?

At this time, we should wipe out crime and collusion.

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We're all on the same side.

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Another thing which makes preferable moving by foot or by bicycle is the use of a car: nowadays the level of air pollution is very high because of the high number of cars, and, to reduce that level, the municipality has decided to forbid the road traffic on certain days during a certain period; furthermore, there are always traffic jams on Reggio Emilia's roads, so you'll waste lots of time while stuck in a traffic jam.


You don't have to be nervous.

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Somebody should tell off that rude man.

I want to feel special.

He did his work painstakingly.

I'm not talking to you, I am talking to the monkey.

Seenu used to play the piano professionally.


Tricia is too young to drive a car.

Something's not right here.

I believe him to be intelligent.

I will do anything for you.

I didn't need to go to Boston.


It really didn't affect us.

What does this have to do with us?

Sweden has generous parental leave and child care policies.


One lump of sugar, please.


I abstain from voting.

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He gave a vague answer.

You must bind yourself to keep your promise.

He is very honest.

I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

There's no fool like an old fool.

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Are you bored here?

Strawberries are expensive in the winter.

Should I tell him to call you?

A fox isn't caught twice in the same snare.

This is closely bound up with the question.


We're hiding.

The worst was yet to come.

She was soon sound asleep because she was very tired.

I'm leaving the city.

Everything changes very quickly and it calls for a new mindset among employees of today.


We're going to begin the descent for Honolulu.

She slapped me on the chin.

She started crying, and I did too.


Mr. Brown is in charge of the business in the absence of the manager.

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Where did you learn to read?

Gill first met Suwandi when they were college students.

I don't think there's anything in the box.

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How do you make this soup?

Archie has seniority.

I want to go out tonight.

"Whose bags are these?" "They are my aunt's."

You should try to make the most of your opportunities.

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Gunter saw something on the floor.

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Just as the Americans like baseball, the British like cricket.


The stupider the child, the more lovely.

Kit has got it in for me.

It won't be long now.

They were crying.

I guess this still belongs to you.

Bret didn't know how many cups of sugar to add.

Somebody attacked him.

Have a good flight.

Why not share your language skills and get some help with the languages that you're learning? This is what we do here.

It's free for European Union citizens.

To be precise, I drank red wine.

She spoke in a querulous voice.

That sounds like a good choice.

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You must be flexible in your thinking.


Let me go!

Can you handle the truth?

What a brainless numpty !

Jim's heart stopped, but the doctors managed to revive him.

Your son is not interested in studying.

Dan stole Matt's identity and cashed thousands of dollars from Matt's account.

This snake's venom is very potent.


Who else do you want to visit?

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A gaggle of intoxicated youths stopped to ponder whether there is an Opposite Day in Bizarro World.


He gives me a phone call every now and then.


I think we are in agreement.


She asked us to leave her alone.

A rook is a chess piece.

I have way too much stuff.


I'm surprised you weren't invited.

What the fuck is it with you?

I'm making a doll for Anna.

I prepared the meal for this evening.

We played around the farm.


Francisco took a picture of herself on her phone and sent it to Sridhar.

Keith looked closer at the food.

I'd like you to help me install this software.


They made the pilot fly the Navy helicopter.


I don't want Kristen to help me.

It was dark in the forest.

I knew you'd go there.


Did you see any footprints?


They studied English yesterday.

I don't make much of his opinion.

Japanese houses are small.

In Canada, there are many areas where it is illegal to log trees.

Anita didn't want to miss his plane.


Both soldiers died.

This is the free one.

Irfan heard someone tapping on his window.

What time do you arrive home?

I can manage on my own.

What am I up against?

Music is a way to dream together and go to another dimension.

Our eyes can detect light.

It isn't true that Jack is no good at music; on the contrary, he plays the piano well.


They arrested her.

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I often brake before I change down.


I told her all about you.

Clarence explained everything that had happened.

If the list of books is too long, please leave out all foreign books.


Mr. Yamanaka looks young for his age.

Did you have a good meal at that restaurant?

I should like very much to hear the name, who is so skilled in talking?

Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in the water.

He comes here twice a week.

Ofer bought a mobile phone.

Kamel doesn't mind.


Let's unearth the onions.

The car was full of Tatars.

I've got a message for you.

Her ignorant comments had the earmarks of a sheltered lifestyle.

I had the weirdest dream last night.

"Who is there?" she asked without raising her head. He remained silent.

Generally, the Japanese are very diligent workers.

Men believe that discussing problems is a waste of time.

Stop leaving your clothes all over the floor.


Swamy is probably in his room.

Do you have a chain saw I could borrow?

I've heard they don't let girls in this club.

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Smoking may be deadly.


I speak Japanese a little, but I'm not good at it, yet.

You must know him very well.

What happens when you die?

Please contact me later.

Someone is here to see you.

He is finding it difficult to solve his problems.

They live in a great house.

Your skirt's on backwards.

Archie is the guy Len is dating.


These chemicals may affect bees.

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I had to call off the party.

We went for a swim in the sea and afterwards dried our wet bathing things, sticking them under the windscreen wipers of the car.

Is Manavendra allergic to anything?

We call New York the Big Apple.

My dad likes tennis.

This is our friend Sir.

It is not until you lose your health that you realize its value.

Lori never gave in to temptation.

The sky is a pedestal for stars.

Many castles are encircled by a moat.

The truth is the best lie.

We'll let them decide.

We didn't notice her sorrow.

It's enough to make you sick.

This measure is in accord with our policy.

I mentioned your name to Novo.

You party like there is no tomorrow.

Of us all, Jesper was by far the best swimmer.

I haven't actually met him yet.