Peter wanted to become a doctor.

Bruce raised his hands.


It was a busy day.

Does that even work?

Are you going to the show?

Every time a failure like that occurs in another department, I'm tempted to call them idiots, but then people like you come along to demonstrate what true idiocy looks like.

What heading does this book come under?

My opinion is entirely different from yours.

The teacher told Ro to shut up.


The boy seems to know a great deal about plants.

Why did you give Joe so much money?

Her attention was engaged by the book.

Can I help with breakfast?

Do you intend to help them?

If there's anything at all that you don't understand, you can ask me anytime.

He gave me an account of the machine.


... Hey-hey you two, is it no holds barred as soon as you know it's my treat?


That's just an extension of an existing idea. There's little novel about it.

She's my stepmother.

Your message has been received.

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She lent them a hand with their luggage.

Riding in the car is for kids.

The allies defeated the evil empire in the fierce battle.

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She was taking a nap all the time.


Who's that cute boy?


Save me a donut.

Jared is a straight-A student.

Don't tell Jarl just yet.

Why did you turn down his offer?

I don't know how you can eat that.

Speak more slowly so that we can understand you.

He is off duty today.

You really should talk to us.

Monica's idea on how to fix the broken chair didn't work.

Everybody started waving his flag.

Dan's truck got stuck in the sand.

Wes doesn't think he'll be able to finish the job by himself.

Justin usually eats only two meals a day.

The police established where he was when the crime occurred.

Tricia offered to preside at the meeting.

You gave me a fright.

Bucky has the flu.


She takes care of her brothers and sisters.

Anton's father is in jail.

Keep to your own line.

There's not a moment to waste.

What are we doing?

This game is so hard.

It was a full moon that was seen that day.

We'll be there tomorrow afternoon.

I subscribe to two newspapers.

Jean-Pierre didn't stay for long.

He must have lost his marbles.

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Just relax and have fun.

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Spanish is spoken in twenty countries.

That's no longer true.

Have you ever seen a cat who can play Mozart?

A sheep dog drives the flock to the pasture.

As an Englishman, he is particularly sensitive to the differences between English and American usage.

The country is renowned for the beauty of its mountain scenery.

He is respected by his friends.

I was really emotional.

I'd like a hug.


We've got no room for error.

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The milk tasted sour.

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I thought I'd never find you.


What is the date today?

A boat takes me out on an excursion; I watch the city shrink in the distance.

Do you remember the time we went to the zoo together when we were kids?

He looked at her over his glasses.

Grand opening sale.


You could've run.

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You're being watched.

I've been looking at the information you sent.

Elvis jumped out of bed as soon as the alarm clock went off.

I've already sent for Ken.

You were singing.

Rodent is studying French.

Wake not a sleeping lion.

I ran into my aunt by chance in Europe.

This game is very entertaining.

No, I'm not stupid.

In the longer term, sea level rise, extreme storm surge events, and high tides will affect coastal facilities and infrastructure on which many energy systems, markets, and consumers depend. As new investments in energy technologies occur, future energy systems will differ from today's in uncertain ways.


Why is Pratt hiding from me?

I'm waiting for her response.

Christmas Day falls on December 25th every year.

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The magic is gone.

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I'm glad I managed to do it.


He looked young beside his brother.

Both words can be used according to the preference of the user.

We studied the Concordance to Shakespeare to accumulate examples of alliteration.

I hate it as much as you do.

Wilmer got home just before daylight.


There are several cafes in the park.

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I know you've got more important things to do.


You don't like chocolate anyway, right?

I decided to write 20 sentences a day on Tatoeba.

The refugees' stories are heartbreaking.


The children squealed with joy.


He was always on the side of the weak against the strong.

I'm very hungry today.

Sergio Garcia, a Spanish golfer, broke his putter over his knee on Friday after taking 32 putts in the second round of the Players' Championship.

Three died. Thirteen others were wounded.

Are you saying that you don't want to see me anymore?


That medication calmed the patient.

Could you hold these for a second?

I'm not worried about losing my job.


The family is eating breakfast outdoors.


Japanese currency is widely used here.


Jos doesn't trust me anymore.

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He is every bit a politician.

I am fixing a meal.

Sometimes a verb is derived from a noun and sometimes it is the other way around.

She was none the happier for her great wealth.

All smell is disease.

He is the oldest of them all.

What are those noises?

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The gulf between the haves and the have-nots grows ever wider, to Victorian levels, even.

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Are you sure that you haven't forgotten anything?

I'm trying to avoid her.

Things are normal.


Spyros wasn't aware of the problem.

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I think it would be funny.

You have a nice line in doing your work.

That area's off-limits.

The news turned out to be true.

The government is on the nose after making a series of unpopular decisions.

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We slept in a very small tent.

Let's turn back.

You're scary!

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Spudboy told me I could call you.

She took full advantage of her stay in London to improve her English.

They were told to stay on the ship.

Is that how you do it?

Who wants to do that?

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The best way to convince a fool that he is wrong is to let him have his way.

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You should tell Loyd he's wrong.

Will it bother you if I turn on the radio?

School systems have to cope with changing numbers of pupils.

We're in no hurry.

I can't remember ever being so bored.

I think I'll be able to fix it.

She blushed red.

It was Sanford who told Hotta.

Please free the captured birds.

I heard a beautiful song yesterday.

Getting addicted to something and having too much of something are two different things.

Lucy is a pretty little girl.

Aimee once worked for me.


Skeeter is being punished because of me.


The animals were busy collecting nuts.

I'm going to tell you something.

It was so foggy I couldn't see who it was.

The problem is that Liza has no alibi for the night of the murder.

Are you freaking serious?

Dan killed his wife and made it appear as the work of an unknown assailant.

I walked along the river.


I'm pretty sure we got everything we came for.