My aunt died of lung cancer.

Can you hear the noise of the waves on the beach?

I'm cleaning out my closet.

I need to buy a gift for him.

I think Kylo will do as he's told.


No one believed that.

Where are you going to learn German?

He took honey instead of sugar.

The vehicle is so deformed that the fire department needs to cut off the roof.

The stomach ache has gone away.

I know Anderson will hate me for this.

I was completely bewildered by his sudden change of mood.

I don't know his name.

I do not fancy romantic comedies.


Panzer hid himself behind the tree.

Slartibartfast needs to eat.

Jingbai hates waiting in line.

I saw it all in a dream last night.

We have to lighten the load.

We're not so young that we don't understand what love is.

I corrected the sentence after almost one month without response.

That landslide produced a lot of misery.

We have to get them.


Who ever said anything about stopping Irwin?


Moe and I both got in the car.

The company presented a three-act play.

Can you please send ten $15 flashlights immediately?


Jin would never hurt you.

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The frame itself is worth more than the picture.

Was I supposed to ignore him?

Shakespeare is one of the greatest poets.


Hume and Jane looked at each other through the window.

Dan put himself and his children at risk.

I've got plenty of customers.

The first sign of trouble came in September 1945.

Canada, Belgium and Switzerland encourage bilingualism; knowing at least two languages, perhaps even three or more, is a real advantage.

We think it's pretty simple.

They often say that life is short.

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Peter the Cruel is also known as Peter the Just.

I have to convince people to do that.

Carter checked to make sure all the doors were locked before he went to sleep.

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I've got a visual on a hostile.

They have twin daughters.

We need to talk face to face.

Suu went back inside to get his coat.

Drew left here three hours ago.

I'm going to a conference next week.

Few treasures are worth as much as a friend.

The power cuts damaged the computer.

The critics don't understand a damn thing!

Get out of the water.

I feel dizzy.


What is the cost of the cleaning?

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We passed a night in a mountain hut.

The ship is now in dock for a refit.

I fell down really hard and got a black bruise on my knee.

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It was through a first short sentence that Tim got acquainted to Julius.

We drank a little.

The accident deprived him of his sight.

My mother asked me not to feed the dog until after we had all eaten.

Marlena wanted everyone to think he'd died.

We met earlier.

When are you going to come?

Lord, guard and guide us today!

Claudia plugged in the vacuum cleaner and started vacuuming the room.

We've been wondering where you've been.

You have to do that just right.

He should follow my advice.

Yes, what of it?

Are you sure Vern needs another one?

Two of the most important things you can have in your life are friendships and dreams.

She used to give herself airs.

How did you get that much money?


If Susumu has a problem with me, he should tell me.

We've already wasted enough time.

He can't handle it.


What did Reid tell Casper about John?


It's so peaceful.


I want to be in this group.

I like the kind of music that Aaron writes.

I was not a happy girl.


The king oppressed his people.

He's just crying wolf again.

How will it work?

I want to be a lumberjack.

I wouldn't want to speculate.

A little competition is good.

He is always natural with other people.


I come from a humble background.

He has a bad fashion sense.

What was your mother's name?

There's a secret path on the left.

This is but a humble downtown store.

No one ate the cake.

She held out her hand.


Theo just moved to town.

Politicians don't always tell the truth.

I'll have to try another way.


I couldn't get a definite answer from him.


I often go swimming in the river.

I can't speak to her.

Where's Sofia from?

Diane and Tricia don't talk to each other anymore.

Flying a helicopter isn't easy.

Thousands of people died of hunger.

Frank can't have been ill. He was playing tennis all day.


He backed us up in the case.


We need to tell Ravi about this.

It went off with its tail between its legs.

He guided us.

Lorenzo lied about where he had been.

I saw a boat upstream of the bridge.

The man is strong.

She's young enough to start a new life.

He would never lie to me.

There are many explanations for the generation of lift found in encyclopedias, in basic physics textbooks, and on Web sites. Unfortunately, many of the explanations are misleading and incorrect.

I'll go see what I can find out.

That's very strange.

Here's an optical illusion: you think you are looking at a cube, but in fact you are looking at the screen.

Newton's First Law says: "Every object persists in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed on it".

I need to know everything there is to know about Marcel.

It's a wonder that she's still alive.

I ascertained that he was still alive.

A DNA test proved he was innocent.

From what you can tell, what subject would he have interest in?

Turn off the TV before you go to bed, OK?


I admit you've been a great help to me.

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Don't let this discourage you from trying it again.


We won't need any help until Monday.

That car is hers.

You're not allowed to do that.

Novorolsky's parents are both dead.

Miri had a key role in putting together this party.

There is no easy cure-all for old economic ills.

Ahmed says that he's willing to help us paint our garage.

Thus you cannot indulge in the pleasure of spending money freely.

The dress becomes you very well.

What's your favorite domestic wine?

Norm is somewhat older than I.

I used to go straight home after work.

According to the World Health Organization, about 1.25 million people die from road traffic accidents each year.

Every time you read a book, you will be the better for it.

I'm looking for the Hilton Hotel.

The devil challenged God to a baseball game.

I know your brother very well.

There's still one more question that you haven't yet answered.

I'm fixing something.

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She's eating Uzbek pilaf at the restaurant now.

I was in bed all day long yesterday.

If you're busy, you don't have to come.

Mehrdad has a bad heart.

Wallonia is a beautiful country.


All languages are hard in translating from them to Lojban.

The town is a cage.

Lorraine isn't as friendly as Narendra.

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In Britain, the banks open at 9:00 in the morning.

I thought you might like some hot coffee.

It looks like a pigsty in here.

Pitawas is learning how to fly.

You need to wait.

You were half right.

Didn't Guido tell you I was dying?


He was a member of the expedition which climbed Mount Everest.

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I saw him again last night.

He always puts his arm around me.

Diana recalls how happy Laurent was.

According to the weather forecast, it is going to rain tomorrow.

The mind should be a good servant, but the heart should be the master.