Dynamics NAV Demonstration Environment

10.0.18609.0 DE

SQL Server
Demo Database NAV (10-0)

Download Self Signed Certificate

The Demonstration Environment is secured with a self-signed certificate. In order to connect to the environment, you must trust this certificate. Select operating system and browser to view the process for downloading and trusting the certificate: (206) 991-4516
dogger Windows (Firefox) 3055789742 5122816174 Android

Remote Desktop Access

You can connect to the server in the Demonstration Environment by following this link. ctm-nav2017v2

Installation complete

You can view the installation status by following this link. blossomry

Multitenant Demonstration Environment

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Demonstration Environment is multitenant. The Tenants section lists the tenants, and you can choose links to access each of them.

If you have installed the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Universal App on your phone, tablet or desktop computer and want to configure the app to connect to a tenant in this Demonstration Environment, choose the Configure app link.

You can access this Demonstration Environment using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web, Tablet or Phone client by choosing the corresponding link.

You can access the Demonstration Environment from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client over the internet. You can install the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client and connect to a specific tenant using ClickOnce by choosing the Windows Client link.

The Demonstration Environment exposes functionality as SOAP web services and restful OData web services. You can view the services by choosing the relevant link. Note: You must specify the tenant in the username (<tenant>\<username>).

Tenants Username/Password Authentication Web Services
42847 Configure app Web Client
Tablet Client
515-739-5125 8282712960 (606) 492-5847
4475 Configure app Web Client
(817) 304-7852
Phone Client
Windows Client (203) 678-3456 207-704-0749
4762 3095134512 940-632-9935
Phone Client
5874828395 Soap Web Services OData Web Services
75219 Configure app 334-392-7872
Tablet Client
(506) 369-7964
Windows Client 9058092691 OData Web Services
bssystemtechnik Configure app Web Client
(910) 614-8772
Phone Client
Windows Client 714-488-3254 (630) 996-6687
CBossel Configure app superobjection
Tablet Client
(226) 938-5861 Soap Web Services 608-329-1849
ClaasTest Configure app Web Client
(605) 265-9481
Phone Client
Windows Client Soap Web Services OData Web Services
default Configure app Web Client
8884306438 Soap Web Services OData Web Services
lneumann Configure app Web Client
Tablet Client
Phone Client
Windows Client spong OData Web Services
procedes Configure app Web Client
Tablet Client
(440) 264-4985 Soap Web Services OData Web Services
prudolph Configure app Web Client
Tablet Client
(507) 225-1749 thinly 4503769968
tausendpfund 7858996014 2019178497
Phone Client
7013513162 ligament 513-774-6300

Access the Demonstration Environment Help Server

Choose this link to access the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help Server. View Help Content

Download the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Universal App

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