Tal used to live on Park Street.

I think we can get everything we need.

I wish I had learned French when I was a kid.

Should he hear of your marriage, he will be furious.

Everybody knows that Blair did it.

I don't believe in aliens.

Let's help each other.

It's already evening, I'm tired and have to finish writing. Good night!


His condition got worse every day.


Why fight it?

I got my old job back.

Natraj said that he wasn't to blame.


It had been snowing for a week.


My house, located on a hill, command a fine view.


I don't think this is what you think it is.

Do you guys want something to eat?

Konrad tried to act like nothing was wrong.

He has taken to drinking recently.

I can trust in him.

I'm waiting for a call.

Wolves don't usually attack people.


Losses will run into millions of dollars.

We're going to try.

Dan knows that I don't like him.

Moran's grandfather was a concentration camp survivor.

I see a girl.

Who rang the bell?

He did warn Thad.

Magnus put on some clean clothes.

What Monty ate was delicious.

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I have to help him.

I don't recommend eating in that restaurant. The food is awful.

The attack began without enough planning.

Did they say anything about what Jennie did?

I like to watch anime.

Would you mind if I left a little early?

I come to school by bus.


That hut's floor is of bamboo.

I like to play basketball.

Kaneko was so stressed out at her new job that she had a nervous breakdown.

He's an excellent brain surgeon.

All the money in the world won't help you if you're stuck on a desert island.

To be happy and not ask any more questions would be best.

He resembles his grandfather.

This is a big problem.

It is Soseki that my sister likes best.

Two girls played on the seesaw.

The sand is warm.


I got a good grade in English.

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I am shorter than he.

I can't sell it for love or money.

We cannot deal with such a difficult problem.

I'll do that immediately.

Why would we lie to you?

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Lisa is looking forward to going to Boston.

How would you translate it?

What did you give up?

He is the only son that we have ever had.

There are a myriad of meats at the deli on the corner of Fifth and Harvey Street.

Neville has to let me go home.

I think I'm losing my mind.

How long has it been since you saw your girlfriend?

"I'm jealous of your height." "Really? There's nothing good about being tall. You hit your head on the ceiling and all that."


She advised him to tell his girlfriend that he loved her.

My mother often makes pasta salad.

I can't let myself have any more setbacks.

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She went to France in order to study art.


Mikael was sent on a mission.

I guess I'll have to try harder.

I'm always confusing John with Paul.

How did you know where to find Margot?

In case of fire, call 119.

I arrive at work at 8:30.

You have my sympathies.

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It was a great loss.

Do you prefer lobster or crab?

Barton pretended not to be afraid.

Hsuan is going to come after us, isn't he?

Asian stocks were mixed.

I must assume that people who resort to weapons other than the intellect to defend themselves cannot possess a very sharp intellect.

I'd like to ask you for an explanation.

Don't hurl insults at me, young lady.

This is an excellent site for learning Finnish.

Come on, children, it's time for bed.

Mario took notes during class.

Some people are completely unscrupulous.

I want them put in prison.


How many soldiers died in World War Two?


Max might be seriously injured.

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Casey was impressive.

I envy you your beauty.

It goes without saying that money can't buy you happiness.

He is very talented.

Forever tiroes, stay on the side aisle.

Is there anything you need?

I like to walk.

I just finished reading Wuthering Heights.

Leung is going to miss his flight.


I will leave as soon as the bell rings.

I'm the one who has the key to the truck.

Why was Horst sent home?

Everyone knows who you are.

I can't believe Piotr bought that house.

Mongo stood up to sing.

I will try to sleep again later.

It would be fun to surprise Sharan.

I am on holiday this week.

No one enters heaven except through philosophy.

Man cannot live forever.

His wife locked him out the house.

I move that the witness be summoned on Monday.

I cut myself this morning.

Is he satisfied?


When we're bored, we play hangman.

Establish regular prayers.

My forcefield has been activated.

I am taking my final exam.

Shuvra got nervous.

I buy canned goods in bulk.

Del couldn't find anyone to talk to.

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I can barely use chopsticks.

Kiss her.

I need them to see this.

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What are you learning at school?


This isn't about her.


Jennie has selective hearing.

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What did you have for lunch today?

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I've been following your work.

We haven't yet finished what we have to do.

I told him not to come.

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She spends a lot of time on the phone.

This forest is quiet and peaceful.

The police are investigating the shooting.

The weather favored our travel.

The lawyer offered his services pro bono.

Let's hope this doesn't just end in words.

I will go cycling even if it rains.

Iran balks at release of American woman.

It was not difficult to pretend to be my mother.

They'll do something.

Curtis looks tired today.

Tammy is supposed to know everything.

It was more than that.

I think putting thieves to death is not lawful; and it is plain and obvious that it is absurd and of ill consequence to the commonwealth that a thief and a murderer should be equally punished.

An ice pack will numb the pain.

Mr and Mrs Jones pay their servants every week.

I can read your mind.

You're much faster than I am.

Everybody has a brain, but many haven't understood the instructions.

I'll deal with it.

You are going to carry out the plan, aren't you?

Sex is one of life's greatest pleasures.

The Voyager 2 mission provided more information about Uranus and its moons than had been gathered since the planet's discovery.


This food does not agree with me.

Kirk shouldn't tell Leila anything about his ex-girlfriends.

We should be there.

Leung took his glasses off and put them on the bedside table.

You're not supposed to be in here.

I am attracted to a certain boy in my class.

Everyone loves the father.

I used to read three or four books a week.

The best bet on a rainy day is to remain indoors.


Did you hear that what's-his-face crashed his motorcycle?

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Why didn't you come to Boston last summer?


Fish use their fins as oars.


Tracy is in worse shape than we thought.

A second cousin is the granddaughter of the brother or sister of a grandparent.

Stay out of my way.