I studied very hard, only to fail the examination.


With your propaganda, I can tell you think this world isn't just a speck of dust.

I've known her my whole life.

We must not allow these problems to affect the project.


Did you ask Nicolette out?

You'd better believe that the story is exhagerated.

Tell me it's a photomontage!


We can't have all those people over for dinner.

That isn't what happened.

He looks to his uncle for advice whenever he is in trouble.


Pratap paid for everything in cash.

My mother likes tea very much.

He built hospitals and helped the people of Africa improve their lives.

You're a nervous wreck.

He declared that they had been friends for 30 years.


Whose is the dictionary on the table?

There's been a complication.

You'll die if you stay here.

Please accompany me.

Details will be forthcoming.

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Do you know what that means?

I don't like heavy makeup on a young girl.

Amy said he felt rested and was ready to start hiking again.


I saw it after the seven o'clock news.

Kolkka seems eager.

In August, I have a technological refresher course that lasts two months.


You were good, now you're better.

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I can understand your reluctance.


Dr. Valeri Polyakov, a Russian cosmonaut, was in space from January 8, 1994 to March 1995. He holds the record for the longest continuous stay in space.

Rod says he has three other suggestions to make.

Let's have a try.

You quit your job, didn't you?

We want to negotiate.

You'll like them.

It seems that there is something wrong with the telephone.

Yesterday we went to the cinema.

Sheila needs to face the facts.


What did you learn?

Linda is a beautiful name. It means "pretty" in Spanish.

You're on the wrong ship.

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His job has brought him in contact with some foreigners.

He went to Narita or somewhere.

What do you think about it?

That happens to be wrong.

I don't know if that's true.

You are young. I, on the contrary, am very old.

You've omitted the preposition in this sentence.

I'm not so normal.

Since my husband became sick he's lost 20 kilograms and his pants are now baggy.


We do not respect the environment as much as we should.

Gerard is waiting to see you.

Everybody laughed but Peter.

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She refused his offer.

Perhaps we'll have more time to talk later.

Kari didn't want to attract attention.

I hear the music from the ice cream truck.

The British commander ordered his men to rest for the night.

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She found what she wanted.

You have only three options to select.

The accident was due to the smog.


George doesn't mix much; he likes to keep to himself.

Takayuki and Ronald want to talk to me.

Don't worry. He's not my boyfriend. He's just a friend.


Go fetch some milk.

He holds the rank of colonel.

Destroy this temple.

Don't upset mommy.

I've already bought three of those.

That was very rude.

The two teams debated on the issue of nuclear power.

The boy took no notice of his father's advice.

The castle is across the river.

The roses bloom in spring.

Tao made a copy.


Do they get paid?

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I was nearly ten when my parents gave me a chemistry set for Christmas.


Debbie won't be able to get up that early.

He went running by me.

It's strange that you ask me for a motorcycle when you are afraid of going by bike.


This day, the living shall envy the dead.

They're giving a big ball at the American Embassy tonight.

You will soon be convinced I am right.

I'm getting used to my job.

He was happily married.


Tigger wakes up at six-thirty every morning.


The plate slipped from my hands.


Mara is almost never late.

I just heard an alarm go off.

I pardoned his fault.

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I took one in.

We've altered course.

Don't call that student a fool.

Would you like to stay here?

Keep watch on him.

She's a jealous woman.

Happy New Year, Louise!

I know what I feel.

I'm very glad to have found this site, because it rocks!

It must be nothing less than perfect.

The river is widest at this point.

The students seem bored.

I had nothing to do with what happened last night.

Most people love being creative.

He won the fight by a knockout.

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Jingbai and Hillary were busy.

My grandmother really likes watching TV a lot.

Bob came out of the house with his hands up.


We're checking it now.

She's concerned about your safety.

I want to be sure that there will be no problems.


I gave up my seat to an old lady.

It was raining, and Joe's long hair was completely wet by the time he got home.

My name is easy to remember.

Todd couldn't keep from crying.

This is a picture of my sister.

I saw my neighbor's dog running in my yard.

Your idea is similar to mine.

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Eduardo poured milk into the glass and then handed it to Gregory.

Ross lived there by himself.

It was disappointing.

Where's the nearest bus stop?

I don't recall seeing Cathryn.


A hungry man is an angry man.

We will make virtue a necessity.

After listening to Dan's voice on the phone, Linda started crying.

The children played with magnets.

Mohammad sent a birthday card to Wilmer.


All of us, including me, rode the bus.

He doesn't want to talk to me now, and I don't know why.

I didn't mean any disrespect.

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I'm going to ride him until he dehydrates through ejaculating.


I have to change it.

Stay where I can see you.

They would pretend to hate it.


I didn't walk for a year.


Families and companies across America are improving the energy efficiency of their homes and businesses with help from ENERGY STAR in ways that cost less and help the environment

We aren't here to hurt you.

Please bring the master key.

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You should not keep people waiting.

Although Bryce tends to be a liar, what he has said is so logical that it can only be true.

I'm so glad I could help.


Please let me know your new address.

We left immediately.

She couldn't afford it.

Hillary knows his way around a movie set.

Try to act your age.

The cause was unclear.

You guys are such a cute couple.

Carry the bottle without breaking it.

It's been a good day.

Why are we wasting our time?

The world began without man and it shall end without him.

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Lee often invites himself for dinner.


I heard him sobbing.


Can I fix you a hot drink?

Do I look desperate to you?

Don't fail to lock the door.

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Don't rely too much on your guidebook.