In 1955, the cancer returned and she died in 1956 at the age of 42.


An option is now under consideration.


She made no reply.

I stayed at home because I was sick.

I need to make better use of my free time.

Erwin had trouble focusing on what needed to be done.

Be quiet. The kids are asleep.

Let's keep this between us.

Emily is married to Harris, isn't he?

I know who we can get to help us.

Come on, we're running late.

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Do you like cats or dogs better?


Give me your passport, Huashi. I'll keep it in my safe.

Your secret's safe with us.

We never know when adventure will step into our lives, but when it does, we must seize it.

She drinks a cup of blueberry tea.

How do you do, Mrs. Jones?


Choose a book carefully.


The weather is getting cold.


You have to see them.

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Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies.

The drunken man awoke to find himself in prison.

How do they seem to you?

He lived in Ukraine for many years.

Damon works for the United Nations.


He's next to her.

That would make it impossible for him to save face.

Robbin has been practicing the piano two or three hours a day.

I was completely in love with her.

Hwa has been absent from work for three days.


What is shown in the above experiment is that the right hemisphere of the brain is not used at all.

The answer is both yes and no.

Tao figured it would take him a full day to finish painting the garage.

I'll look after him.

I would never adhere to a secret society.


I keep telling you!


I don't like to go out after dark.


Don't worry. There'll be plenty to go around.


Most signs are written in English.

Manuel told me that he'd like to become a doctor.

Carlos Queiroz was fired by the Portuguese Football Federation.

This sentence sounds unnatural to me as an American.

I have many talents.


Kamel hasn't been very well recently.

Legislation clearly distinguishes between dangerous goods and hazardous materials.

I feel terrible, but I've just broken your ashtray.

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Louise is very nice.


It'll hurt a little, but not much.

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I'm sure it's inconvenient.

What does Wade need this for?

I'm just tired.


The town is situated 1,500 meters above sea level.


Are you on the committee?

There is only one towel in our bathroom.

I looked after him for a period of time.

He's proud of never being late to school.

It is said that the price of wine may go up at any time now.

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Nobody knew where he went.

Perhaps it will rain tomorrow.

These laws need to change.


She keeps company with a foreign student.


I insisted on that.


The revenues go to a charitable foundation.

No matter how hard he tried, my opinion didn't change.

I should've given you this sooner.

These oranges have gone bad.

What are you worried about?

We have a lot more to do.

I tried to tell you.

The rainy weather lasted for ten days straight.

Kelly is very spirited, isn't he?


Can't you just leave me alone?

Reiner didn't know what Piet thought about it.

How could Butler know?

I suggest you wait until Emily tells you what to do.

We've got a little problem.

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Shel, I want you to meet Oskar.

Matt pulled out a sandwich from a brown paper bag.

Now pay attention, children.

Do you have anything you want to say?

Last week she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

I was born in 1960.

Patricia is one of my friends.


Now I can look after myself.

They loved grand touring cars.

A doctor was called in right away.

Joel Jackson is the man you met the other day.

Imagine being that baby!


"Would you like any more?" "No, I've had enough."

The Chinese ideographs are very beautiful.

He is not the type of man who depends on others for help.

No one can match her in speaking French.

Hi Marie, what's up?

Heaven keep us from a knowledge of the secrets whispered afterwards upon the tainted wind that blew across the scene of that day's work and that night's death and suffering!

When's the power going back on?

He had little freedom of action.

They all talked.

The crowd made for the nearest door.

He is fond of gossip.

To call the elevator, push the button.

Douglas rushed out of the office.

Why don't you just tell me what you want me to do?

Linder is getting nearer.

I think you did a great job today.

We had to come most of the way on foot.


Woody has been everywhere.

What's stopping you?

Melinda ate the bread.


We made a lot of progress today.

Mother chose this curtain.

I went outside early in the morning.

I'm not so sure anymore.

The recent shortage of coffee has given rise to a lot of problems.

I think we're going to need a doctor.

Is Skeeter guilty?

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Better an end with horror than a horror without end.

Is that mandatory?

As the shapeless mass emerged from shadows, I knew I was in trouble.


He talked for three hours non-stop. He's unbearable.

Klaudia came out as soon as he went to college.

Today Maral became one year old.

It was proven that fleas living on dogs jump higher than fleas living on cats.

Tell me the name of the ninth month.

"I'm not your boyfriend. It was just a hookup." "What?"

John Brown's rebellion was crushed.


He really doesn't like to fly.

I sure am cold.

They built the walls of the fortress without using cement at all.


Shut the gate.

Ram said he wouldn't be gone long.

Go and help your brother.

How many packs of cigarettes does he smoke a day?

My desire to become a doctor grew out of looking after my sickly brother.

In the Tokyo stock market, stocks of about 450 companies are traded over the counter.

I think it's possible.

Famous artists are pressed by journalists.

I have been completely open with you.


You betrayed us.

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Sangho doesn't know I'm alive.


Taking all things into consideration, his conduct can be excused.


I'm really disappointed in you, Owen.


I probably shouldn't do that.


I've taken the HSK and achieved the highest level.

I suppose you think you're very clever.

Don't you turn your back on me.

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We have plans.

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You did what you had to do.

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Let us daydream!

Donnie told me you were on vacation.

In daredevil car races, there are moments when the drivers place themselves between the devil and the deep blue sea, trying to take the lead.


If anything happens, call me.

I'm majoring in economics.

Show yourself!

I'm still waiting for Fay to make up his mind.

Did I hear you right?