I did everything I could to be your friend.

It's good to be back in Boston.


He held his head straight.


Tuan seems to be having a little difficulty.

He read the poem in a monotone.

I want you to keep an eye on Lester for me.

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It's not difficult if you study.

Example is the best precept.

I was dreaming about Mongo.

She looked out through the hole.

I bought a lot of books.

You are envious.

Jackye is very hungry.

She bought him a car, but he didn't have a driver's license so he couldn't drive it anywhere.

They worked through the night.

See that all the items are arranged in a row.

The wolf will change shape, but will continue to eat chicken.

I've always wanted to run a small hotel in the mountains.

Here's my passport.

I need to know everything you've done.

We've been trying to keep it a secret.

Grant had never been able to make much money.

This is really cute.

Would you mind if I changed subjects?

Christian talks to me a lot.

The Colombian government demanded more money.

Guglielmo is the best student I know. He learns instantly and has a phenomenal memory.


Women like men the way they like their coffee: strong and hot to keep them awake all night long.


Toufic's confidence is high.

Dan wasn't satisfied with Linda's landing.

That was scary.


That's welcome news.

I want us to be friends.

I really didn't have time.

That woman knows who I am and loves me anyway.

Ricky took Arne's glass of wine.


It'll take a few seconds.

Each of us has something in us that longs for a sense of oneness with others.

You're very helpful.

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I can't make them happy.

If Jo doesn't want to tell you, I will not tell you either.

The papers that were in the safe are gone.

They were for the most part young girls.

What should I do in a situation like this?

For me you are a good teacher.

We have to admit that our team is inferior to the American one.

The tall woman is beautiful.

Oh, how beautiful! It's exactly what I've always wanted!


It's time to get going.

I didn't hit Elwood.

We accept credit cards.

We were only trying to help.

I want to hear what everyone has to say.

You can't stop us.

I discovered that speaking English was pretty easy.

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I don't want everybody on the Web to be able to access my photos.

I have killed him.

Which dead musician would you like to come back as a zombie?

You always make a mistake.

Can anyone translate this sentence?

I believe I can help you.

He is making great progress in English.

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I don't care how we get there.


What are your office hours?

We were invited.

Is your daughter blind?

Jeffery was one of the best.

Nowadays UNESCO recommends that everybody should use three languages: the mother tongue, the language of local communication and the international language.


Cut the bullshit!


I felt my way to the door.

I wouldn't mind if Frank borrowed my car.

It's a pity that you're leaving Japan.


Sanche didn't like living in the city.

Myrick didn't even mention Vladislav's name.

Don't state the obvious.


I really like your music.


She is very free with her money.

You can't show this video to anyone.

Integrative medicine refers to a many faceted medical approach that emphasises individual differences and aggressively includes the latest scientific techniques based on modern Western medicine as well as various other medical systems like traditional medicine and natural medicine.


My mother gets along with my aunt.

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They finally had to commit Ernest to an asylum.


What kind of plant is it?

You can't help Joachim.

What time is your train?

Why are you protecting him?

I thought we could help her.

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I awoke three times in the night.

Don't you remember anything?

Now you try.

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The translation of this sentence is a bad translation.

Ping was thrown from his horse.

Anyhow, don't make me one.

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My daughter went to school.

I want Hilda to come over and apologize to Tiefenthal.

Hui has been uncooperative.

Someone spiked her drink.

Dylan can turn her hand to just about anything.


You must be tired.


They said they'd make the boarding announcement 20 minutes before takeoff.

Darin is very unhappy, isn't he?

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

Did you have any trouble?

Use a scalpel, not a hatchet.

I'm here now, Markus.

If you have pain, take a painkiller.

You should turn in your paper by next Saturday.

I practice sport almost every day.

Sigurd and Christie decided to play chess.

Why couldn't I be the one you kissed?

Angela can play the flute.

You're worse than both Morgan and Walter.

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I am an enchanted Princess, and my father has promised that the man who releases me from the spell shall have the third of his kingdom while he is alive, and the whole of it after he is dead, and marry me as well.

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Milk does not keep long in hot weather.

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The library is closed on Sundays.


Harris's doctor told him to give up smoking.


Even the wealth of the wide sea will be diminished, if the cloud that has drawn (its waters) up gives them not back again (in rain)

She was very beautiful when she was young.

He got out a book and read.

Vincent is a nice guy in spite of the fact that he has a lot of money.

Firstly, we mustn't be selfish.


I just need a minute.

Another man was wounded.

I can't go abroad this year.

It is a perfectly manageable task.

I think we should try to help Eliot.

Mother bought two bottles of orange juice.

You seem different today.

Speak clearly so that everyone may hear you.

Shakespeare's works are frequently considered among the greatest in the English language.

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He believes in God, but he rarely attends Church.

We have been apart for many months.

I can't go on like this.

I won't be going with you to Boston.

Magnus is lying on the sofa watching TV.


I got upset.

She sat alone at a table in front of a cup of coffee.

They caught up with us later.

I disagree completely.

If it were not for air, we could not live on the earth.

Ramanan helped her mother cook.

We all desire success.

Once isn't enough.

This new market may improve the entire industry.

I'm afraid she can't answer.

We care for Axel as much as you do.

There isn't anybody in front of the main gate yet.

I am not a liberal.

I'd prefer that we not discuss this here.

They hired a moving company to transport their belongings to their new home.

I can't stop.

It is rumored that this house is inhabited by a demon.

At least Vicky was funny.

That's the person I've been waiting for.


I regret not having studied hard for the test.

Finland's competitiveness requires more people who can speak French and German than Swedish.

Panos knows what he's got to do.

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They didn't have real coffee, so they drank ersatz.

I'm tired of the monotonous life.

I helped Tony.

Beth slipped a folded slip of paper into my hand.

Everybody calls him Mac.


Which are Rich's?


One after another the animals died.