Could it have been them?

Carter is just a little bit shorter than Ritchey.


Can you please pick one up?

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Anderson wants to get a driver's license.

He has made a significant decision.

His eyes searched my face to see if I was talking straight.


Last summer was awful.

We buy a lot of material in the summer because there's nobody around.

It's quite a ways from here.

Linda was pregnant with Dan's son.

That sounds funny to me.

It'll happen quite quickly.

What's making you so busy?


Jos let Christie go home.

There are lots of hardships in our life.

Sherri is ready to forgive Klaudia.


It was truly a miracle.

Has Julie said anything more?

Jimmy took out the garbage.

We know what you're doing.

Persian is not a difficult language.


We'll always have to be careful not to let this happen again.


We have a medical emergency.

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Phiroze is not playing by the rules.

Please give me a little more chocolate.

Clyde hasn't eaten anything in the past 36 hours.

Tell us all about it.

Our plane landed in Boston just before the storm hit.

Ronni pulled something out of his pocket.

In order to stay awake I may have to drink more coffee.


Perhaps Brooke was feeling sick.

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Thomas bought a pound of cheese.

Have you given Srinivas the key?

I told you to wait for me.

When Hsi and I were in Boston, we visited Sanford.

She has made herself master of typing.

Please convey my apologies to Tracy.

You're supposed to be the smartest guy here.

I'm very busy so don't count on me.

The members of the student associations on campus are elected by the students.

Life is not convex.

He has come out of his shell.


I absolutely agree.


The Vatican Library is one of the oldest libraries in the world.


I'll take you on at tennis.

Is he anything of a scholar?

I work in the State Department.

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She'll be seeing to your correspondence while Miss Cobb's away.

Their plan sounds interesting to me.

My house is on a hill.


The eyes in his head see the world spinning round.

How long have you and Hsuan been married?

I've come to the unfortunate conclusion that musicals simply annoy the crap out of me.

We're killing in the polls, we're killing in every state and if I become president - I promise you this - we will kill everybody.

The two nations have strong trade ties.

We made Francois the captain of the team.

She decided to study abroad.

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The babies in the hospital have grown up.

Radiation levels are within acceptable limits.

The store is open all the year round.


Ric gets business advice from Ram and John.

I don't know, but I'm going to find out.

Baseball is often called "the great American sport".


Excuse me a moment.

Tell Natraj to leave.

Where the treasure is hidden is still a mystery.


Grounding and other bog-standard punishments didn't get through to his son at all.

She wanted to start a family with him.

On the day appointed for the game they started together.


Tell Cynthia to call me.

I've got a mate who works there.

Rhonda opened the refrigerator.

I never thought of that.

Do you talk to your cats?


Scores of people gathered in front of the Royal Palace.

Who's that boy standing at the door?

We went for a scenic drive as far as Lake Superior.

What hotel are you staying in?

Po isn't well.

Stand by for my orders.

That class takes place once per week.


I have so many things I want to say to you.

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I love your place.

That takes care of that. Nothing else needs doing.

Van is seldom ever on time.

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What was Mason doing there?


You're very confident, aren't you?


I really don't think so.

He is a good speaker of English.

Karl doesn't listen anymore.

I never even thought about that.

It seems I'm the only one having any fun here.

Jean-Pierre isn't a stable person.

Wayne didn't seem very impressed.

Maybe I have to study German.

Laurianne made a deal.

It's on the next corner.

Terry gave me an apple.

We're not sure what's going to happen.

Textbooks are expensive.

I think you should change your eating habits.

There is no profit in worrying.

I have to clean my room.

Is his flight arriving soon?

The puncture wound was very deep and had to be examined for infection.

I hear the message just fine; it's faith that I lack.


This, appearing at first glance to be perfectly obvious, is actually very difficult.


Perhaps Shakil needs help.

It is as if the whole sky were on fire.

Guido is carrying a gun in one hand and a knife in the other.

This romance tells the story of a family from the Northeast of Brazil that moves to the Southeastern part of the country.

The river runs through the town.

By the way, what happened to the money I lent you?

She mistook the sugar for salt.

Flexible work hours make employees more productive.

He excels all his brothers in scholastic ability.

Cary has got to be here somewhere.

I know where Panzer is hiding.

We'll get in touch with you.

Nils doesn't care about what other people think.

You're not invincible.

Pedro loved Jayant a lot.

More than one student studies French in our class.

It went without a hitch.

The electrician will come and fix the cable next week.

Who makes breakfast for him?

Did you go to the doctor?

There are a lot of fish in the sea.

I put one away.

It takes a lot of guts and courage.

I've got to get Micky a present.

Everybody started to laugh.

Do you think we'll make it to the station in time?

I'm glad that you want to support this project.

Scarlet is a beautiful color, but I like fuchsia.

Alison lives only a few blocks away.


We were only following orders.


We don't believe that Pierre will be able to master French.

Why are you so surprised?

One American scientist, William Keeton, used a very interesting experiment to solve this mystery.


It is not too much to say that time once lost can never be recovered.

My father is usually at home on Sunday.

Turn left!

It is the only one there is in the shop.

They all expressed regret over her death.


Would you help me out?

Her kindness appeased his anger.

The judge acknowledged him the winner.


He speaks fluent Russian, or at least that's what he told me.

There's lots to do: there are cinemas and lots of shops in the town centre.

Moderate exercise invigorates the blood circulation.

Chip says he was busy.

When do you go to class?

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Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.


The world population reached one billion for the first time in 1804.


I'm truly sorry to have to say this.


Is there a letter for me?


Can I pick the desk by the window?

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I'm begging you, could you stop treating me like a pet?


I can't see the movie.