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Cristina comes home at around six.

We're here to help.

Margot opened his bag.

Emily is crying.

She helped him tie his tie because he didn't know how to.


You have to pay in advance.

Slartibartfast seems to be looking for something.

He wasn't crying. He just got soot in his eyes.

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We're going to protect you.

Many years have been spent in building the tower.

Come on, you two.

They are a good airline to fly with.

What sort of adventurer doesn't have a talking backpack like Dora?

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Her ideal type seems to be someone like the announcer Shinichiro Azumi.

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Laura told Jinchao that she needed to eat something.

This waistcoat won't meet at the front.

I have three kids at home.

This horse kicks when anyone comes up from behind.

That's perfectly natural.


Donnie knew who Jean-Pierre was going to go to Boston with.

I studied there a year ago.

He shot seven gophers today with his new BB gun.

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Who doesn't know some Spanish?

Rayan used to dream of playing professional baseball.

Sedat could be in for some trouble.

Fred dances very well.

He wants to drink champagne.

Nothing remains but to die.

He wants that a lot.


My brain is fried.


Explain to him the difficult situation you are in.

That sounds cool.

They can make the same product much more cheaply.


Why should they try to influence him?


I don't give a damn what people think about me.

We're not going to let that stop us.

I think I know where to find Sriram.

Vickie has a lot of clothes in his closet that he never wears anymore.

Just act as if nothing has happened.


He had all the attributes of a leader.

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I never thought it'd be this hard to choose a color to paint the kitchen.

Take care!

Something has happened to this clock.


I am from Oslo.

Unwittingly he told her all that she wanted to know.

Michiel doesn't need to be there until 2:30.

I'm afraid I wouldn't be very good company.

Few people can buy such an expensive car.

We'll be ready to go soon.

Maybe Mayo was hospitalized.


I don't want him to get hurt.

Her face turned red with anger.

Please consider the environment - do you really need to print this email?

This train calls at all stations to Wimbledon.

For two weeks from tomorrow, please.

This isn't where it happened.

A penny for your thoughts!

I believe everything is fine now.

I'm glad you're OK.

I have a friend who has a house in Boston.

Holy bag of straw!

He lived a lonely life in the forest.

She didn't let me in on her secret.

I'm still not sure who they are.

Liking children the way she does Sue should become a teacher.

I'm here about the job.

How good are you?


I'm sorry, you have the wrong number.

Suwandi isn't outgoing.

You must bear my advice in mind.

I don't want you to tell Antony.

Make a brief summary of your points at the end of the speech.

Teriann is very secretive when it comes to talking about his childhood.

Who is better able to run the bed-and-breakfast business than Mr. and Mrs. Jackson?


Do you spend more time with your friends or with your family?


That's my theory.

What have you done with your car?

At what time is brunch?

Jose will have a blast.

Do you live near here?

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Tomas wasn't sure if Meehan was still in Boston or not.

Bill Gates is often considered the world's richest man.

Our country has always had friendly relations with yours.

How do you know I don't know?

How am I even going to buy this?


Marian has always been easy to get along with.


I'll end up by going crazy.

I noticed that a small gray animal was looking toward us.

Can you think of any better way to do this?

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A huge crowd of people waited.

Tell your friends they have to leave.

Most days she sits on a chair at the table, and I sit in the big armchair; today she is sitting in the big armchair, and I am sitting on a chair at the table.

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The books will be shipped out tomorrow before closing.

You'll never see it.

Those are my things.


There is one thing I don't understand.

You know better than to do that kind of thing.

This is what I've always wanted.


The pitcher threw the balled angled towards the batter.


I have been looking for you.


Is that why you won't help me?

My friend only eats organic food.

Violence at school is blamed on immigrants.

I don't believe that it happened.

He wiped the sweat off his face.

Where there is life, there is hope.

Norm's a party animal.

Poor communication and selfishness is a toxic combination which few marriages can survive.

The driver was charged with speeding.


They slept a little in the room.

Dan crumbled the sandwich and threw it to the floor.

Kanthan gave his dog a piece of meat.


Sheila could never forget the horror of the war.


If there is somebody to back me up, the business will be successful.


Children are not allowed in.


I couldn't have done this without you.


If you will have time, let me know.

Tell Bradley you'd like to help.

Do you want to make a snowman?


In fact, I already have heartburn even though I ate only one jelly doughnut.

He paid all his debts, which is the proof of his honesty.

I suggest that you see Mr. White.


I'm alone standing at the tip of the slow-dying year, the universe breack in waves at my feet, planets whirl about my head, rumpling my hair in the wind that rushes by, whithout giving an answer that would fill the abyss.

Murph watched TV yesterday.

I think you're trying too hard.


I think my French is really bad.

The birds flew off in different directions.

Did Galen tell you what he was planning to do?

That was why Graham screamed.

Emil certainly is a good father.


I don't like office politics.

Leonard is quite sharp, isn't he?

Does Saul like it there?


Ask me anything.


It is up to us to be men.


I'm not going to give this to you.


That was a personal victory for Johnnie.

I wonder if you would kindly introduce us to someone.

Anger does not befit a philosopher.


I dropped her off at the airport.

I was elated, ecstatic and extremely surprised that we were successful.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.

It was a great plan.

If you think that he's experienced enough with that, I'll hire him.

If it's raining tomorrow, we'll go there by car.

He climbed the stairs.

I wanted to find out more about you.

An olive branch symbolizes peace.

Tell your men to drop their guns.

Do you know anything about him?

If only I could fly!

I never would've guessed.

I should've known it was a scam.

I usually agree with her.

My three-year-old niece kissed me on the cheek.

Tim has a bicycle.

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I was vaccinated against the flu.