This dictionary is completely useless.

I don't want to have anything to do with that.


And Jesus said: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

We don't take any prisoners.

I never wanted to compete with you.

Mitch begged Pratt to take her home.

I want to meet them.

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She was asked to convince him to get his son to paint the house.


I hope that this isn't a mistake.

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Written in technical terms, this book is very difficult to understand.

What do you study English for?

Do you like this tie?

If you have finished, return it to me.

Do I remind you of the one of the guys you left behind?

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No, you don't understand.

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I didn't drink the milk.

Give me some money.

We mustn't give way to these impudent demands.

This passage contains a lot of meaning.

Why do you always take everything on yourself like that? Why don't you rely more on us?


They are rich Englishwomen on a trip to Italy.

The prediction was falsified by the result.

"Why don't you wish a little harder?" asked the little white rabbit.

Are you talking about us?

I cannot smile at Taninna. She doesn't like me.

I think I'll call it a night.

Please give my best regards to Judy.


Debbie didn't say where or when to meet him.

Nature knows no boundaries.

Gold will not buy everything.

What was it that you did there?

I will listen to your chest. Breathe deeply, please. Now hold your breath.

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You haven't changed a bit.

He loves art.

Galen is a murderer.

Do you know what's causing the problem?

Do you think Shari likes me?


This boy never lies.

This frame shows the painting to good advantage.

Confucius said: "To see the dead person to his grave with the thought that he is unmistakably dead is inhuman and not something one should do. To see the dead person to his grave with the thought that he is still alive is unwise and also not something one should do."

Do not feed the animals.

The governor supports the bill.


Why don't you go play outside?

He kept on drinking in defiance of his doctor's warning.

"Situation report." "At present 4 in sight. At most probably 7. Holding small calibre arms."


Spyros said he wasn't going anywhere.


Complimenting is lying.

I had a brilliant idea.

Roman arrived after midnight.

Let's get out for a while to take a walk.

The mother's mother is a nurse.


Hello Miss!


George doesn't know how to ride a bike.

One is apt to forget his own faults.

James Cook was a British explorer.

Winston noticed a half-eaten hamburger on the dashboard of Julius's car.

The room was lit by a single candle.

The sun and the moon rise in the east and set in the west.

I wonder if Werner knows the combination to this safe.

During the past 2 or 3 years, many Japanese have been killed or injured in traffic accidents while traveling overseas.

Edmond knew that Lea was rich.

Barbra has gone missing.

I didn't feel like calling her.


I have been working since six this morning.

Suresh ran his fingers through his hair.

That's what we're hoping.


You should stay at home today.

He took offense at what I said and turned on his heels.

Mike's practice has grown rapidly.


You can't show this video to anyone.

Jenine is sure to be fired.

Charleen used to be fun to hang out with.

She saved a hundred dollars.

Show him in.

Why do we need to find Billie?

She became, in other words, a good wife.


As of 1991, the population of this city is around one million.


There is a broad street near my house.

Dennis didn't think Roxanne could fix his watch.

It sounds like a good idea.


Many of our pioneers are still alive... but, alas, many of them aren't alive any more.


If you don't play honestly, I will stop playing with you.

If I'm not home, just let yourself in.

We'll go this afternoon.

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If my mistakes were always corrected, I would learn faster.

Did you decide?

He jumped into the river in defiance of the icy water.

She's the real expert.

Valeria had similar objections.

He's a man of very good character.

Dori never told me he didn't know how to speak French.

Takayuki contacted Ernest a few times.

Price wasn't really paying close attention.

Appetite comes with eating, the thirst goes away with drinking.

Sheila didn't listen.

He emigrated to Australia.

Sometimes a dog can be a dangerous animal.

I thought you two didn't like each other.

He sat on the bank.

Which story do you want me to read?

Don't come to me now with that. You should have said something when it originally happened.

There is no going out on such a cold day.

I am a career teacher.


Lori and Judy have been happily married for thirteen years.

You're making me uncomfortable.

He gave up his life for his country.

Is Edwin tall?

I have to speak to you about something important.

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Was it all worth it?


Lemon is sour.

She kept blabbering about how her boyfriend is kind, compassionate, brave, and whatnot.

Little children like to touch everything.

Obviously, I was a little shocked.

I feel good about that.

He underwent a risky operation.

The students couldn't answer.

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It was a stroke of genius.

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Liz probably won't do what we want him to do.

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I am a diploma holder.

I knew we couldn't trust you.

I'm not going to be pushed around by you or anyone else.

Someone is coming.

I wish it were tomorrow already.


I am a boy.


Let the weekend begin.

The queen was more frightened than words can describe, and could neither speak a word nor move from the place so as to awaken the King or the sailors.

I'm glad to hear of your success.

The shoes are worn out.

His room was brightly lit.

I gave the house to you.

I just came by to tell you that I won't be able to attend this week's meeting.

I've got cold feet.

Oh, gods, my gods, poison, bring me poison!...

We've gone too far.

Antonella didn't know what Maria was talking about.

What were you up to last night?

I live across the hall.

They were dancing.

We asked you not to do that.

He is in hospital.

Are you offering me a job?

Sunday follows Saturday.

I'm going to get some coffee.


What do you want to be in the future?

Phil couldn't bear the pain any more so he shot himself.

It doesn't ring any bells.

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Search the town that's on the map.

We have some houseguests.

It doesn't look too hard.


Kent really cares about you.

The Prime Minister said that he didn't want to pre-empt the findings of the inquiry by making any policy changes before its recommendations were handed down.

I do not have any money to buy a new bicycle.

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It won't be easy, but I'll manage.

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I think that she is from Japan.


Ro had an altercation with a woman who tried to take his parking space.

Most people in my country is ignorant.

What's your favorite place to go hear live music?


Srikanth will need to go further.

Because of heavy snow, the plane from Beijing arrived 20 minutes late.

Are you being punished?

Speak louder!

Public morals have been corrupted in this town.