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We are a group of passionate technologists who have worked very well together in the past within global tech companies. We have now banded together to help you reimagine the way you solve your business problem with technology.

Each one of us wants to genuinely help you achieve your goal. As a result, we are always interested in ensuring that we have given you the best bang for the buck. We realize that the most complex code is not always the best solution. Therefore we approach your project like it was our own that we would be investing in.

Unlike a typical agency that wants to maximize work spinning to charge more, with us, you will feel like you are working with a partner who has a stake in your company.

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Best in class product strategy. Program, product and project management to fit your style for best results. Get a second opinion from experts now!

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Holistic design approach. Product requirements gathering, functional designs, user definitions and user interface designs.

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Custom cross-platform and mobile software development including multi-tier cloud based backends. Your choice of SaaS or PaaS.

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Tech Ops

Maintenance of platforms and apps. Extension and integration of existing systems with new and improved business products.


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A startup had limited funding, yet needed ubiquity in platforms right from V1 because their potential customer base were split evenly. We carefully considered the user platforms needed, the back ends platforms and their costs, and the design implications. We delivered a product strategy that fulfilled the fundamental user scenarios to all major platforms with a design and development that allowed for build once-deploy everywhere. We created a prototype to prove the strategy's benefits. The startup ended up using our prototype as a starting point to build forward.

We figured out what user types would be their key customers, what are their current demands and laid down the foundation of functional requirements that drove the design of the V1. We considered a few development approach until settling on the hybrid approach we found to be most efficient. This allowed for the company to have an extra 6-9 months "runway" for their funding.



When HTC was launching Amazon's Alexa on the go as part of their flagship product, the U11. They needed to have a showcasing applications for the retail stores. While we built the HTC's showcase, Amazon had built their own for Alexa on the go. Originally, the plan was to have these two applications on the devices at the retail store so consumers can checkout the features. We redesigned the experience in such a way that all the user had to do was pickup the device, and they would be able to experience the core features of HTC U11 and Amazon Alexa combined!



We have developed, tested, launched and maintained www.Jot.Academy. This platform has a full Java backend, and web application as well as mobile presence in both Android and iOS.

Jot.Academy is a state of the art Education Management platform allowing students and teachers to create virtual space for their classes, share information like notes and videos, organize themselves like adding assignments and other calendar events that sync to local calendars, as well as communicate with each other via class boards as well as one on one and group chats. The mobile apps are equipped with state of the art design as well as notification systems that bring information to the users.

This platform is successfully being used by several institutions!


Tech Ops

Two large companies were partnering on hardware/software technology integration. They were both under a tight deadline to launch the bundled solution but realized late that some parts of their on-device integration needed to be made available publicly. With the long internal processes involved within their companies, they knew they couldn't do it on time. They called on Jot Technologies to be their joint launch partner to bring the agility of a small company while keeping the quality expected of them. We at Jot were delighted to join the party albeit last minute! Not only did we launch the integration for them, we built the right interconnections between their pieces of the tech, thoroughly tested and launched with a day to spare!

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Some of our customers:

HTC Corporation alignment chart

Turnkey apps development.

Sprint 601-824-3133

Retail marketing technology integration.

Amazon www.amazon.com

Alexa on the go integrations.

Cricket Mobile www.cricketwireless.com

Device retail media and marketing development.

Jot.Academy 8088429954

Turnkey education management platform including cross platform hybrid front end and mobile apps.

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His unrelenting focus and drive, coupled with his exceptional grounding in software engineering, makes him an invaluable asset. He also has the unique ability to cut through ambiguity...

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He has a unique ability to understand the needs of a team and to lead the design and implementation of a project from concept to commercial exploitation. This comes on top of a commercial and business acumen that goes way beyond a normal senior executive.

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