Web Design Creating Peace of Mind

CrestonTech is expanding it's service offering
by joining forces with MontanaSky.Net.

Time to change ISP?

Go to www.montanasky.net to find out more.

With the technology available today, your website can be so much more than a face to the world, or a mere online brochure. It can be your communication hub with internal and external customers as well as your vendors and employees. We can now create web pages that interact with back-end databases and keep your content up-to-date. Even the user experience and navigation is changing with the AJAX technology that has become more and more popular. AJAX allows us to create websites that only requests the information we are looking for and instantly inserts it in the page without refreshing the browser each time... More about web design...
CrestonTech Website Design.

Backups by uberVault

uberVault2.0 is a local + remote backup solution detailed at ubervault.com.
It is our solution that takes care of the daily and cumbersome task of securing your data, and still keeping it easy to recover. Up to a month of local backup snapshots and the latest copy off-site in case of disaster keeps you safe.

Computer Support & Data Recovery

So your computer crashed. Ouch, it hurts. Maybe you had pictures or financial information that will be hard to replace. CrestonTech not only works on preventing this from happening with our uberVault system, but we can also help you recover data from a crashed hard drive. In most cases we can recover all, or nearly all of the data using special hardware, software and recovery techniques.. We can even recover deleted files.

Never throw your computer or hard drive in the dump if it ever contained sensitive data. We can help make sure that your hard drive is completely wiped clean before discarding it.

About Us

CrestonTech, LLC. is your resource in the Flathead Valley for all your computing needs. Our mission is to implement technology that will automate redundant tasks and free up time for people to interact with people, rather than with technology. (770) 303-1696