The subbie company creates amazing websites for subcontractors, we then host and maintain the website, so that our clients can focus on doing what they do best, tender and win work!

We make the websites by researching the latest website designs, employing copy writers to create relevant industry specific content, and create websites that would usually have a high price tag. We then take these websites, make them much more affordable, customise them to each of our customers.

If you are looking for a slightly customised website, or something that is mostly your design, or something that is 100% designed by you, we have the ability, history and expertise to showcase to the world your company on the worldwide web, in the way that best tells the story of your business.

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Websites made specific to you and your skill set. No need to create website content, focus on doing what you do best, getting quotes, and growing your business. While we take care of your website.



Having a website often means that people who view your website get to know more about you, your expertise, and is a place to build trust through referrals, which all helps in winning more business.

About Us

The subbie company was formed from years of working with subcontractors and hearing that most subcontractors wanted a website, but did not have the time to spend creating website content.

Most did not have the time to look for alternatives as they were too busy tendering, or working jobs.

Most also refused to pay the high costs of employing a copy writer, designer, website designer, SEO specialist and this list goes on.

The subbie company was formed with the intention of making getting a website an easy transition for Subcontractors. Since the creation of the Subbie company, we have grown bringing together the necessary skill sets under one roof to make it possible.

We are an Australian owned and operated company and pride ourselves on delivering high quality websites and hosting to our clients, helping subcontractors present themselves to their potential customers in a way that keeps up with the modern age.