The point is whether she will read my letter or not.

When I came home, my father had already been there.


Friendliness is a thing of the past.

Let's go to the party.

I prefer walking to driving in a big city like Tokyo.

The Internet is very useful for knowing the circumstances of each part of the world.

The cat is drinking.

We are supposed to hand in our papers by today.

Don't worry. It's a common mistake.

Kurt isn't his usual self today.

I don't want to complicate my life with all that!

Take a bath.

She died of tuberculosis.

I relayed the message to her.

Cristina wants to do everything himself.

Where did you get that sweater?

Slartibartfast's favorite creation was the fjords of Norway.

Can you make out why he won't go with us?

An ICANN domain signifies an IP address to a DNS server.

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I wouldn't want it even if they were giving it away.

The most serious problem the world faces is not the strength of the wicked, but the powerlessness of the good.

I thought Claudia would work on the plumbing.

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My mother often makes pasta salad.


My grandfather is a bit hard of hearing.

Don't bring it up.

I bought a loaf of bread for breakfast.

The city has a wonderful place to walk with children.

How did you get Dominick out of that room?

I can't even speak Portuguese, let alone English.

Merat is surprisingly agile.


I need to do this now.

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Erik can't do this as well as I can.


You needed me.

Tatoeba always needs more sentences!

Was all of that milk drunk?

This is my alarm clock.

What color is the notebook you're looking for?

I was just about to come looking for you.

Dimetry was exactly twelve minutes late.


I didn't want to do it this way.

Once you've got into a bad habit, it can be difficult to get out of it.

My punctuation isn't perfect.

We don't need bread to eat this dish.

My pet is sick.


A person with a BMI of 25 to 29 is considered overweight.

Formidable looking spiders do not attack people.

Why is snow white?


You will feel better after a night's sleep.

"Where is Maria?" "She just flew off on her broom. You just missed her!"

If you wish to speak with many people, you ought to learn Esperanto. Why this language? Because it is both beautiful and stimulates our study. An international language is of great moment because there are so many people in the various countries of the world. And besides, Esperanto is not only useful but easy to learn. If you speak Esperanto you can travel in many countries. Come and learn it!

It's too far to walk.

This cloth is good in quality for its price.

Roberta told Julie that everything would be perfect.

Dean was born near Boston.

It certainly feels smooth when you run the shaver over your skin.

Please wait in the waiting room until the inspection results are ready.


We must remain vigilant.

Taxpayers are angry about wasteful government spending.

You must go.

Certain religions are against organ donation.

Don't thank me yet.

He has been studying for two hours.

Lisa suggested that I write a message to Carlos.

That's a first world problem.

As a result of the accident, several passengers were killed.

You can't teach a crab how to walk straight.

What a viper I have nourished in my bosom!


With every broken vow, you bring our ideal closer to destruction.

Dimitry said he had something else to say.

He began to learn English when he was twelve years old, that is to say, when he entered junior high school.


Chris gets a lot of satisfaction from his work.

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I will win the game next time.

Can you tell me why Donovan isn't here?

Now I'm ready for anything.

Let's play a word game.

I was in Paris with my wife.

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Please show me your price list.


I had a narrow escape.


Bea is in favor of gun control.

I have no hesitation in telling the truth.

What happened to Shel could happen to you.


I hardly ever ask questions.

Have you spoken with him?

The children returned home at dusk.

Here we go.

I told you to clean your room.

Carole will wait for us, won't he?

He seems to have been rich.

You have to unpack your luggage for customs inspection.

He can't write with a pen or punch keys on a computer.


His present is a bottle of wine.

A man who suffers before it is necessary suffers in his life more than is necessary.

We will begin the meeting when Bob comes.


What's your favorite nail polish color?

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Try and swim!

Memory fades but the written word remains.

It is fun to play baseball.


I can see his hand in this.

Wipe your face clean.

My long cherished dream finally came true.

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Daddy told me where it would be nice to go.

Nick and I were very busy last week.

The newborn chicks still have not opened their eyes.

He got away.

I thought you might be in Boston this week.

She put on her hat.

Ian pressed the wrong button.


It'll get warmer soon.

He can't get on in the world.

Don't talk to anybody.

He has ceased from work.

Don't let her talk to anyone.


Much as I'd like to come, I'm afraid I'll be too busy.

I thought you were seeing someone else.

Columbus argued that he could reach India by going west.

I have never seen a rugby match as exciting as yesterday's match.

These jerseys are too big for me.


Albert is still busy.


Do you have any reservations about our reservation on the reservation?

My mother used to read stories to me when I was a young child.

She is a strumpet.

Birds often fly together.

That female student is American.

It snowed hard yesterday.

Grace has met William at school.


More than a hundred people are still missing.

The hotel is near the bright yellow billboard on the north side of the highway.

You aren't in any danger.

These women are strong.

I'd like to leave this book with you.

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Bring a large pot of water to a boil.


Reid has a beloved wife. Her name is Josh.

The waves are high today.

I have, myself, full confidence that if all do their duty, if nothing is neglected, and if the best arrangements are made, as they are being made, we shall prove ourselves once more able to defend our island home, to ride out the storm of war, and to outlive the menace of tyranny.


Rik needs time to think it over.

I brought a present for you.

It was not clear what she really meant.

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I didn't want him to leave.


She's looking for a place to live.


You need to get here as soon as you can.

Zoology and botany are about the study of life.

Thank you for this revealing lecture!

The statue of limitations has already passed for this crime.

Pravin wants me to talk to them.

We set to work with might and main.

Which animal is big?

Can someone check this?

Have you found a partner by now?

I don't want to be like all those who first ruin their health in search of money and then afterwards ruin themselves just to get it back.

I haven't had one complaint about Lord.

Moses put on his backpack.

Maybe Jingbai can help you.

Gregg doesn't get it.

We are planning a trip to New York.

I don't have wide hips.

Were both of them wearing helmets?


Is he looking for something?

I have a great mind to do that myself.

According to some scholars, a major earthquake could occur at any moment now.

He was doomed to life-long poverty.

Notwithstanding the objections made by some of the corporations party to this arbitration, the committee has decided to remunerate the victims of the accident, as well as cover any medical expenses they may incur.


I had no idea you didn't know how to speak French.

We don't have to go.

I shouldn't have eaten that. I feel sick.