Aloha Surf Academy is a Hawai’i-based ocean programming company that brings together ocean culture and lifestyle through innovative ocean programs in a safe learning environment. Developed by World Champion Duane DeSoto, all of Aloha Surf Academy’s programs have been carefully designed by Duane himself to provide rigorous ocean programming for all.

Hawaiian Surf Lessons + Programs

  • 403-998-2146

    Week-long Hawaiian ocean camps for youth 7-17. Morning and afternoon sessions available

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  • Surf & SUP Lessons

    The highest level of surf instruction in Hawai’i by recognized waterman and woman including World Longboard Champion Duane DeSoto.

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  • 971-236-0608

    Take a once in a lifetime trip with World Champion Duane DeSoto. Four exclusive trips to fascinating surf destinations around the world annually.