Equestrian Therapy

Some ‘top of the range’ examples of how effective equestrian therapy is  include our Para-Olympian and Special Olympian athletes.

These participants highlight the benefits of therapeutic horseback riding in profound ways.

Each and every participant in these games are achievers, these people have encountered a life event on one level or another – and the grading of one or the other is full of fine lines of definition.

Athletes and Equestrian Therapy

Para-Olympians are professional athletes and the concept of Para-Olympians is that the ‘disability’ is one of physicality – ie a condition which affects the physical body.

Special Olympians on the other hand are those who have been classed as ‘intellectually disabled’, and are not professionally associated with equestrian events,  although they too may be devoting great time and attention to equestrian therapy.

The lines become blurred the closer we get to the participant on quite a  few levels. In essence the challenges and the effort, the focus and the application of self on a determined route and target are so similar that the lines become ones of interpretation and perspective alone, while on all levels they are highlighting not only the benefits and attributes of equestrian therapy, but  also the profound abilities of humans to create great outcomes.

Achievements through Equestrian Therapy

Years and years of dedicated and devoted attention to addressing the original underlying issues are eventually  superseded by the actions of participation, competition and involvement in something far greater than the original disability, or abuse, or disease or crisis.

These contenders are vying on a playing field that is highlighting unique unthought-of capacities, skills, talents, capabilities.

Whole communities are involved directly and indirectly with these results, while of course each participant is determining their own outcome.  The whole scenario is hugely inspiring for anyone who encounters these avenues of equestrian therapy.

The human spirit is seen for what it is – exceptional. And when that spirit encounters horses on any level including equestrian therapy something very special happens.

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