We are excited that you have selected UIC to pursue your undergraduate education and look forward to meeting you! The UIC Orientation is an important step in your transition as a new student, and is designed to help you make the most of your UIC Experience. All of our new students are required to attend an Orientation session before enrolling in your courses. We have built a program that ensures you will start your new adventure on the right foot.

During your Orientation session, you will be advised and select courses for your first semester. We will introduce you to many departments and resources that will make your experience here at UIC unique, while offering you time to familiarize yourself with our campus. Once again, we want to welcome you to this historic institution. We know that you will soon feel right at home, and it all starts here with your Orientation experience.

If you have a disability and need assistance in order to obtain this information in an alternative format, please contact UIC Orientation at unflagged.

Student Orientation is designed to support your acclimation and smooth transition to UIC. Our team is committed to offering innovative out-of-classroom opportunities to accommodate your special interests and needs.