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I visited Washington and then went to New York this next week.

A lot of people think that whales are fish.

I am a Klingon warrior.

Let's not worry about what others think.

The level of the river rose little by little.


I was just going to ask you the same question.

The cars crashed into each other.

Do you know any doctors who speak Japanese?

I'll support Grant any way I can.

I didn't even know what that was.

When the last tree is cut down, when the last river is poisoned, when the last bird is caught, - only then will you realize that money can not be eaten.

Someone's going to hurt us.

She focused on her work.

Have you finished studying?

I hate it when you're right.

Mike speaks good Japanese.

My mother made me a coffee and then went out in time to catch the bus.

Do you ever work on Sundays?

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The boat goes down the river.

You sound like an idiot if you talk like this.

Please tell me what your problem is?

Who decided that?

She shook my hand.


Tracy enjoyed the time he spent in Boston with Margie.

The author's mode of expression is very concise.

I won't let him hurt you.

I'll have to check with them.

Come early.

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You're the biggest.

Millie is very cute.

Maybe that's a good sign.

Don't put your hand out the window.

I burned my forefinger on fire tongs.

Do you want me to read this out loud to you?

How much will you allow me for this?

The wind was whistling in the broken window.

Please tell Gabriel to wait for about thirty minutes.

We want jobs.

His face betrayed his sheer puzzlement.

Irving hid her face in her hands.

Have you already bought your ticket?

Takao is allergic to soya.

This clock seems to be broken.

What a wonderful machine!

Get the captain.

I can rent a boat from there.

She has a kid.

I've never trusted them.

Nguyen is shy and cowardly.


We have a lot to talk about right now.

What a beautiful design!

I ate a gulab jamun.


Both Rafael and Jianyun were wearing trench coats.

The climate of Canada is cooler than that of Japan.

Mats doesn't know how to dribble a ball.

What have you seen?

The girl is lonely.

May I present Mr Johnson to you?

He's anxious about his examination result.

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Dennis likes to look at pictures of animals.

Driving relaxes me.

Kill that bear with a rifle.


Allan and Stacey talked on the phone almost every night.

I don't think we should talk about that now.

She hated him so much.

Could you do me a favour please?

I thought that I told you to stay where you were.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to persuade him.

She advised him to take the money.

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Stewart looked at me and smiled.

I don't trust Marlena anymore.

The elephant is the strongest animal.

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You don't understand anything about it.


This ground belongs to the school.


The teacher made me repeat the sentence.

Bucky took the drink away from Lester.

A discreet homage to the accident victims was carried out yesterday.

This isn't the time or the place for that.

On August 31, 1950, another V-2 was launched and carried an unanaesthetized mouse that was photographed in flight and did not survive impact.

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This book deals with facts.

That is no fault of Jack's.

I telephoned my order for the book.

The President proposed a new plan.

We're done now.

Invaluable jewels disappeared from the museum.

I use this computer.

How do you account for your absence?

What do you have in your hand?

I have a chest cold.

I carelessly ran into the telegraph pole.

Can you get Marie?

The day will come when we can travel to the moon.

The classroom was so noisy I didn't hear my name called.

When the national hockey team visited America, half the players defected.

Where was this show at?

Don't hesitate.


Let's not start drinking until Valerie gets here.

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Nutritious food helps support healthy organs.


The minimum wage has hardly budged as of late.

I've got something for him.

He is a student at a high school.


What good do you think that'll do?

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Second best is never enough.

You owe us a big apology.

I didn't want to make a scene in front of everyone.

I am not widowed.

I don't see anything!

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Lar shut off his computer.

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He insulted me without any reason.

The children amused themselves by playing games.

I didn't know who else to ask.

He explored the region around the South Pole.

My father is much better. He will be up and about in a week.

Ethan told Roy to pull over.

Have you forgiven them?

Ronni is always in bed by 10:00.

She was terribly disappointed with me.


I've never even been to Boston.


I recalled my superstitious feeling that if she fell in love with me, I would have mala sombra there.

The ship sailed up the Thames.

He took a look at the newspaper before going to bed.

I don't normally lie.

Shahid isn't taller than me.


Have you already spent the money Marsha gave you?

How does Kirk know all this?

I know it's a lot of money.

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Beckie is brash and impulsive.

He always seems to be living rent-free in somebody's house.

You look bad.

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What Microsoft is launching is a beta version of its "NetShow streaming server"; it supplies video and audio on demand.

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Numerous violent and sudden casualties among C++ developers are caused by segmentation faults every year.

I bought some Christmas presents today.

I want to go to the movies.

A soldier who doesn't dream of becoming a general is a bad one.

She failed the test with reason.

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We must stop Mikael before he hurts himself.

Everybody's talking about what happened.

Jay is looking right at us.

I think you're kind of handsome.

This dust is impossible to filter from the air.


When Casey first told me that, I didn't believe him.


I just left them.

Nobody was good enough for Bertrand.

Stay with me.


Let's not get excited.

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Many have long suffered oppression and hardship under colonialism.

Aren't you too a little bit romantic, Joel?

Could you shut up for a second?

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Trey does nothing but watch TV all day.


I will shoot her.

I could spend days in here.

No arrests were made on Monday.

Several other people were injured.

She is a pretty girl.

I can not afford to buy a used car.

Could we go somewhere else?

Please tell me when he arrives here.

More often than not, famine is accompanied by plague.

Valeria was there this morning.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, just not today - say all lazy people.

With the benefit of hindsight, we can see things which should have been done differently, or not at all.

I got her to wash dishes.

Lea looked around at everyone.

There's nothing I fear more.


Let me tell her what I know.