Father let me drive his car.

Ronni graduated from Harvard in 2013.


Give me a call tonight.

There's something we have to talk about.

Sometimes it's necessary to tell the truth.

She was alone there.

The boy has seen the car.


What exactly do you do for fun?


All of you betrayed Hilda.


She's the most popular girl in the class.


Mastering science is an ardent wish of our youth.

Fletcher looks like he's in his mid-thirties.

Can you imagine yourself alone on a boat in the middle of the ocean?

I'm not satisfied that Granville is guilty.

Tricia certainly has a different way of looking at things.

It looked similar to this.

Darryl called Gill up from the airport.

Ellen entered the house through the window.

That's good soup.


I would like Lila to apologize to me.

She looks at me but I'm too shy to look at her.

Galen didn't have any money, so he couldn't go with me.

Giovanni swore that he wasn't involved in anything untoward.

Would you have waited for me?

I thought Plastic might not want to go with us.

I can't see anything because the whole place is dark.


I never go to bed before midnight.


I only wanted to talk to him.

Don't waste any more time responding to that customer.

I've never seen you so angry.

If indifference is the kiss of death for a relationship, then complacency is the kiss of death for a business.

I'd like to page someone.

Elwood hates it when it's cold.

They burned.

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Every morning I ask myself why.

The city took the initiative in the pollution suit.

I came only for you.

Jimmy doesn't dare to tell the truth.

Did you buy everything we need for our party?

I'm from Milan.

Karl asked if I wanted to go to a party and I said yes.

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Hang on tight!

All sales are final.

I don't like a negative sort of man.

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We have a cold autumn this year.

I can't meet you for lunch.

But let not this blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Both the brothers are dead.

I can't add anything to that.

I have a horrible cough and I end up waking up often during the night.

As for getting to my house from the airport, the best way is by taxi.

It's going to happen again.

I've spent so many years as chairman that I feel it's time I stepped down.

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Why would I want this?

She is very negligent in her dress.

She does not have a ticket.

Leave him with me.

Do you like books written by Franz Kafka?


It was a good plan.

Kevin grabbed his bag and left.

I'll call you some other time.

Do you really want me to tell him?

You'll have to study harder from now on.

She asked me if I was all right.

It's really cold today. You should dress warmer or you might catch a cold.

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Bobbie says Konrad likes you.

This theory is true of Japan.

He basically declares anyone who doesn't agree with him a Communist.

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We agree on that.

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Moses crosses the railroad tracks every morning on his way to work.

Dr. Patterson: Not at all! Koko has taught us that gorillas are intelligent enough to learn sign language.

I rented a house with a garage.

The work will be finished at six.

Can I interest you in a cup of coffee?

Sorry for the delay.

I'm not really sure just what to do.

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I'm not asking you to lie.

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For how many days?

Dominic asked Justin if he could hold her hand.

Farmers are still sitting on the fence over which candidate to back.

We've seen it.

Only Takeuchi didn't accept the invitation.

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Grant has a funny-looking mouth.

He decided to feed his dog the rabbit that he had shot earlier that day.

I want Olaf on my team.


Gerard attempted to snuggle, but Ragnar pushed him away.

Hungary is a state situated in Central Europe.

I've got to fix my hair.

Lowell is lonely and has no one to play with.

Climate scientists say we need to avert an additional 2-degree temperature increase to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change.

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Did you buy me these?


At the moment I am not thirsty.

Butter is soft.

I don't like what's going on.

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We're in store for a recession.

I was planning on telling you.

He is able to speak ten languages.

It is for this reason that he left school.

The work is very dangerous.

Is Germany dangerous?

I find your work very impressive.

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So sorry to keep you waiting so long.

We have to be prepared for the worst.

You're blowing it.

I know you've been waiting a long time, but could you wait just a little bit longer?

Jack made a lot of mistakes in his composition.


Do these ladies speak French?


It can't take much longer.

I don't know whether he will agree to our plan or not.

It fascinates many that Prince William would marry a commoner.


This city is not so busy as it used to be.

He really was a ladies' man.

I didn't want to involve them.

I want to eat a good yakisoba bread.

The iris deeply associated with the Boys' Festival does not have a beautiful flower.


They're going to fill in the contract.

At that time, Ami was really hungry.

I don't intend to go to Boston with you this weekend.

Bart spiked the punch.

I apologize. It was my mistake.

Your car overtook ours.

Jon sometimes goes to Boston.

We protected ourselves against danger.

We all consider it wrong to cheat in the examination.

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You're lit up like a Christmas tree.

He came back at nine o'clock.

The office telegraphed that they had not received my application.


You should be seen by a doctor.

I told you I loved you.

I put this question to him.

The grand jury decided not to indict the police officer.

That sister of yours is always complaining of her husband.

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My parents know about it.

Have I ever asked you to work on a Sunday?

I'm heading downtown.

Michiel put his hat on the table.

My dear, don't be shy!

When the cold winter began, the old man's health deteriorated.

Help her till the cows come home: some day, you will be disappointed in her.

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We must be healthy.

Robin relocated to Boston.

I'm going to turn her in.

Steen doesn't want to do anything at all.

Tickets are selling fast in all cities.

I don't think Joseph can handle the truth.

Just keep alert.


Ssi is playing outside.

He's stupid and dishonest.

I want you to destroy all this.

Brian turned off the water.

Why do we dream?

The class taught by Trevor was boring.

I didn't spend all day with Brender.


In the morning, we put away our futons.


It would be nice to know who.

When it comes to cooking, no one can beat me.

What goes around comes around.


I got out of the taxi.

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What one man can invent another can discover.


Today, I plan to talk about the importance of sports in modern society.


When was the last time you fed your dog?