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He is known to everybody as a great ballplayer.

My wisdom tooth hurts.

Students are supposed to turn in reports at the end of the school year.


Please don't leave me with her.

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It is only in accepting others that we can tear down our own barriers.


Why are you still up? You should get to bed.

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She gave birth to twins a week ago.


It's a shame Miltos couldn't make it to your party.

At the moment, I'm a cashier at a car wash but I think I will resume my studies later on because my job isn't enough for me to live on for now.

Nguyen isn't that different.

I think I'm going to pass.

Nothing bothers Linda.


Marlena is always here.

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What can make you to change your mind?

I buried my dog at the pet cemetery.

He entered the classroom with his overcoat on.

I do not think there will be rain tomorrow.

How do you think I felt?

Is this the book you spoke of the other day?

Why are you fighting me?

Ravindran was exonerated.

We see things differently according to whether we are rich or poor.

You are home late.

Penny's dream is to be a schoolteacher.

You couldn't be reached.

Tony jumped into the pool from the roof.

The police car was driving at fairly high speed.

Do you know what I'm doing now?


Guys have feelings too.


Jarvis can't eat this.


This ship is bound for Vancouver.


Amedeo hates green peppers.

Hold me tighter.

They are in their seats at the table.

Pierce stood in the corner of the room with a gin and tonic in his hand.

Despite his riches, he's not contented.

It's a full time job.

She is still playing with a doll.

He always stays in bed as late as he can.

Please remember that we are all volunteers trying to cooperate to continuously improve the Tatoeba website.

I don't want to hear another word out of you.

Do you think I'm healthy?

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Among the refugees there are many children.

The sound suddenly stopped.

We don't always agree.

Dwight has big feet.

He went on a walk.

The author leaves Luggnagg and sails to Japan. From thence he returns in a Dutch Ship to Amsterdam, and from Amsterdam to England.

It was nowhere to be seen.

He took the guitar and started playing.

You're just going to have to trust me.


I'm only telling the truth.

We hate this enemy of the country.

Bill is really fighting the battle of the bulge.

Someone told me that Kenn now lives in Boston.

We are watching a class at the Paris Opera.

Sea Day is one of the Japanese national holidays celebrated on the third Monday in July.

According to the file you gave us, Terrance hasn't yet graduated from high school.

Mahmoud had something in his hand.

You should live staring reality right in the eye.


You treat me as if I didn't exist.


It just was not my day yesterday.

My car isn't powerful enough.

That's not an easy feat.


Trust in God.


His new job further separates him from his family.

There's something I want you to hear.

This has to be the last one.

What made you sad?

I want to go to Africa someday.

This tool lends itself to many purposes.

You do know the difference, don't you?

Why do you guys always ask me that?

We need to move quickly.

When was the car delivered to you?

Let's sit in the shade.


Stop singing that song.

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Kevin is the only one who seems to be enjoying himself.


He plunged into the water head first.

Some things are said at the end for emphasis.

I'll find Narendra.

Some kids are playing in the park.

I didn't know what I was getting into.

There was hardly anyone in the room.

Oh, how late it is!

If you were only able to meet with one historical figure, who would you like to meet?

The bathroom is dirty.

The genitive singular of "rosa" is "rosae".

Ought I to go?

I promise I won't look.

His daughter wants to be a lawyer.


She rode a camel.


He was fair and delicate as a prince, and beautiful as an angel; and how she loved this child!

I'll bring it to you tomorrow.

Did you shave yesterday?

All men can be criminals, if tempted; all men can be heroes, if inspired.

She's really touchy about her new braces.


Sridharan looked a little flustered.

The chairman called the committee to order.

Which language do you like better, Kannada or Telugu?

How can they do this?

Is that something you expected?

I am sure of his success.

They waited for their teacher.

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Jos reached for his salt shaker.

I do nothing.

As agreed, please find enclosed the updated contract.

Tran diced the carrots and added them to the stew.

His rudeness made me burn with anger.


The storm has caused terrible damage.

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It will be a push-button war of nuclear missiles.


I am looking for the lavatories.


They took on more than they could handle.


We just have to be more aggressive.

I needed a lot of courage to try eating that strange food.

They agreed to meet again the next morning.

The state is going to reform its drug policies.

I have no homework today.


Put your coat on, or you'll catch cold.

Tomas let Dawson do whatever she wanted to do.

Make an Italian verb with the letters.

We can't be sure which door Carter will come through.

Can't you stay a while longer?

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I want to see you now.


How does he make the report clear to read?

Ole says he'll do the same thing we do.

Arne doesn't think he's as creative as Lana.

I thought you were a man.

Rich slept through the earthquake.

The old park has become one of the most sought after places in the city.

I'm going to build a doghouse for Cookie.


I think we're doing great.

Can't you just picture Ed in woman's disguise?

My friend wants sugar.

Draw me a sheep...

I'm not angry with her.


I paid ten dollars for this cap.


When it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetry. The poet, too, is not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images and establishing mental connections.

It wasn't enough.

I'd like to visit your country someday.


It seems that he is happy with his new job.

His latest works are on temporary display.

There is an antidote.

"Coleen! Stop doing your homework. Go outside and play!" "No mom, I want to study ahead for the next test."

I almost didn't send that letter to Milo.

Is there anyplace private we can talk?

She passed the test by the skin of her teeth.

It took us six years to conquer Constantinople.

Take command.

It's because you don't want to be alone.

I can feel that.


This store sells old books.

He helped me to get changed.

I would never betray you!


Boyce was already finished with life and was ready for the end; then Maria stepped into his life.


He was home alone at the time.

In medical research, one of the first problems is to isolate the cause of the disease.

Phill has been known for stealing pens.

I have three children to raise.

Tradition, as such, should be respected.