Taurus said he wanted to do more.

What have you been up to lately?


I can't let Cristi know.


I need your address in order to send you a present.

Merton does that all the time.

Don't forget that we'll play a very special acoustic show.

Did Floyd mention anything to you about my idea?

Is everything all right?

I was really fortunate.

Atuqtuaq has lived in the North all his life and has never visited the South.


Denis is on the phone with Jesper.

Yoko is interested in collecting stamps.

The billy goat is bleating.


You should do it like this.

I often call, but seldom write a letter.

Suddenly, the Sphinx raised its head.

You both chop wood every day, don't you?

Is there going to be a party tonight?

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What were the main points of Philip's speech?

Our teacher permitted us to use a dictionary during the test.

I thought Jerrie might want to go home early.

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That we will win the game is certain.


He has a strange name.


I guess now you know how Nicolas must've felt.

Nick lives just outside Boston.

That'll make them very happy.

I went to Boston last year.

Detective Dan Anderson gave Linda a routine polygraph test.

I'm dying to know what you think.

We exchanged phone numbers.

You have to get some rest.

You must be willing to commit to the program for at least a year.


I want you to take over the plan after my retirement.

Philip knows a lot about Darren.

I think you like her.

I agree to his proposal.

I am a cat. I don't have a name yet.

At that time no thought of danger crossed my mind.

He was beside himself on her account.

I know how Steven thinks.

Gail poked Thuan in the eye with a stick.

I thought Swamy had already tried to do that.

Did I tell you Lars and I got engaged?

They saw themselves in the mirror.

Mr. Itoh will call the roll.


Have you reported that your father is missing?


Japan depends on Arab countries for oil.


I have to know the truth.

Johnathan and Shatter didn't wait for John.

Parents are being overwhelmed by the back to school technology requirements for their children, and many are buying the wrong devices.

We were born out of revolution against an empire.

Does your mom know?


John, the tallest boy in our class, is nicknamed "Mr High".

Hartmann walks.

Kaj hates Gene.

I'm so proud of my boys.

Gene and I have been close friends for a long time.

Translate a sentence several times from one language to another and you'll find yourself with something totally different from the original.

I asked him for some advice.


In case of fire, call 119.


Why are you so awful?

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The new government promised to rid the country of corruption.

There seems to be no end to the number of young people committing suicide these days.

We'll catch up later.

Give me that laptop.

Mikey wasn't a very nice man.

I want to go swimming with Nate.

Did it snow last night?

He is behind the times.

I spit on your mother's grave!

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She was a beauty in her day.

Real got all the vegetables that Jayesh needs to prepare lunch from the garden.

Have you given up smoking for good and all?

Glynn unlocked the door for Martha.

Hunter didn't dare tell anyone.


Laurent bought himself a new sports car.

I owe Spyros some money.

The actor walked on stage carrying a spear.

Will you please wait on me, miss?

I'm doing it for you.


All Joanne does is complain.


He put his hands in his pockets.


In 48 hours, everything will be over!


What if he should happen to be late?

Do you have any idea where I've been?

Hand it to me.

She's a real character.

We must change this.

His explanation was not satisfactory.

The crucial verb in SQL--Structured Query Language--is "SELECT." SELECT statements return row sets from tables, cursors, joins, or the row sets returned by other SELECT statements.

Use the highest heat settings only when you're ironing fabrics made of natural fibers like cotton or linen.

This is a daily newspaper.

Gosh, what a dirty customer!

I bought this book for less.

Can I go out to play, Dad?

Which dictionary are you referring to?

I can hear you well.

Do you know where he was born?

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I owe you all nothing!

He kindly answered the question.

Connie hasn't written to me since last October.

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We needed information.

What's wrong with yours?

To overcome the weight force, airplanes generate an opposing force called lift.


Italy is the only country that regards war as a soccer game, and a soccer game as it is a war.

The job's not done yet.

I can't remember exactly where I put my keys.

Does Tad know that you don't know how to speak French?

There was a village near the sea.


Dan posed as Linda's husband.


He was known to everybody in the village.


Gigi opened the door for her.

I never did hear what happened to Jean-Pierre.

I should probably spend more time with Elliott.


Is there a parking lot?

My ears are always ringing.

That seems wrong.

The girls want someone on a white horse holding a sword but not someone with a true heart.

I think it's a pity you could not come to our party.


Did you see him in the park?

Maybe it's the low air pressure that means you get drunk more easily on planes.

Learn this lesson by heart.


If Benson had been able to speak French better, he would've been able to tell everybody how he really felt.

There were about 1,000 people.

Are your lips dry?

Do you have any idea where we could find Monty?


He was such a natural when it came to ad libbing.

Dion caught a fish with his bare hands.

Harry moved a little closer.

I could see Beverly was drunk.

David was tall and handsome.

Ed gave Lila a $1000 in a brown paper bag.

Steen is fairly popular, isn't he?

I'm sorry, Jeannette. I just can't do it.

Marek is an authority on Australia.

Who do you like?

Since my mother was sick, I couldn't go there.

Da Vinci could see farther than others.

"Dwight must be wondering what's taking so long." "I'll go reassure him."

Stay in there.

We ate together at the club.

Is there something that you don't want to talk about?

I appreciate your interest.

Are you angry because of what I said?

I'm driving.

What makes you think you can do it now?

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I think Sonja likes Clarence.

She comes from a bourgeois background.

I thought you weren't going to do this again.

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Ning is a good listener.

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I saw the man get ganged up on.


I'll pay you at the end of the month.

I was a creative kid.

I'm not going to help Hotta.

Tell me again what we're doing here.

There was a photograph of Marian hanging on the wall.

I don't see anything here that I need.

His dream has come true.

Just stay away from me.

I'm just upset about being in the hospital and I'm on some weird meds, but they must be working, because I'm feeling a lot better now.

Few were at the seaside because it was raining.

It's a waste of time and money.

Japan stood with the United States at the U. N. Assembly.

When is the first day of spring?