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Why Choose PrepareFirst?


We take the burden off of your shoulders.

Some hazards are easy to see. Other hazards are not obvious and require a trained professional to identify them. PrepareFirst can help protect your family against many common risks that often result in serious injury or property loss. We are a full service safety company specializing in:

  • Newborn and Toddler Safety
  • Environmental Hazards (mold, radon, etc.)
  • Babyproofing / Childproofing
  • Fire Prevention and Fire Escape Planning
  • Older Child Safety
  • Medical Emergency Preparedness
  • Adult Injury Prevention
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • The solutions to many major risks are not expensive. Find out how easily you can prevent serious problems before they occur, and be well prepared to handle the unexpected.

    Pediatrician Recommended

    PrepareFirst's services are recommended by Atlanta-area pediatricians, schools, and day care facilities.

    We are a trusted safety resource among countless professionals and organizations throughout the areas we serve.

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